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Patch Notes 1.15

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by RemixFTW, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW The Best Mod

    Be the playa of the season: Super Bowl LII is coming to Angry Birds Evolution with a blast! If you’re not into football, be a playa of love on Valentine’s day & get lost in Angromedon’s eyes. Or is that a bellybutton? Who knows.. If that also doesn’t do the trick, be a playa in Major Pecker’s Daily Challenges - new rules and rewards await you!

    Brand New
    • Super Bowl LII Event:
      • Super Bowl LII event introduces not two, not three, but 32 new yellow birds. It’ll be a bird huddle out there!
      • Dream-Team: Hatch the Quarterback of your favourite Super Bowl team during the event.
      • New Hatchery Rule: When a team’s bird has been hatched once, it won’t show up again, so it’s easier to hatch the next ones.
      • All lights on you: Are you ready to compete in the new Super Bowl LII themed Arena?
      • New game icon & splash screen to complement the Super Bowl event and get you all excited!
    • The Valentine's Day the Earth Stood Still :
      • Sometimes, even Dr. Probotnik gets lonely, so he created a romance robot to meet his cosmic needs. Is Bird Island ready for the arrival of the Blue Angromedon?
    • Major Pecker’s Daily Challenge:
      • Major news: After long discussions, Major Pecker has now agreed to grant access to the Daily Challenge for all players who unlock the Red Region.
      • Now, there will be 10 waves instead of 7. That should quench your thirst for a hardcore challenge.
      • The clan-plan: Rejoice! Clans will now get new and better rewards from the challenge!
      • Big appetite for Snouts? More defeated pigs, more rewards for you with a heap of extra Snouts on wave completion. And we promise, it’s increasing wave after wave.
      • Not over yet: The gem cost for re-entering battles is reduced.
      • The second coming: Costs for reviving in battles after the first time have been reduced.

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