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Patch Notes 1.13

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by QueenElsa, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. QueenElsa

    QueenElsa Most Best Staff Member

    This Thanksgiving we’re serving you the turkey cold! Try to get a hold of this brand-new event bird at large. Also, if you’re looking to reunite with some rare relatives, the flockers meet up in Eagle Mountain for more than just the Thanksgiving dinner. And we’ve gobbled up a lot of bugs and glitches for you to rejoice:
    Brand New
    • Thanksgiving Event: Cold Turkey has escaped from prison. Now he’s at large accompanied by 2 notorious feathered flockers: Steven and Dutch. They’re roving about Bird Island for a limited time only.
    • New loading screen featuring Cold Turkey and his fellow fugitives
    • Eagle Mountain: where memorable birds hang around: Unique event birds can be available on Eagle Mountain for 24 hours. On a day they move into Mighty Eagles lush lodging these certain chaps are available once you reach Level 71. You will be able to choose between two evolutions.
    Fixes and more fixes
    Those pesky piggies leave bugs everywhere and we keep crashing them with each update, here’s the highlights of many fixes included:
    • Battle fixes:
      • Event battles are no longer crashing the app or staying in unresponsive state
      • Some PvP matches and wave battles were misbehaving, freezing the game. We found a way to defrost ‘em.
      • Co-op battle’s teaming up option was broken for some players, now you can choose your wingman without any issues.
    • Map fixes:
      • Event markers were disappearing randomly: we made sure there is always an event battle available as long as the event is on
      • Scout markers were disappearing altogether sometimes. Now they are here to stay
      • Unresponsive states after battles have been resolved
    • Flocker fixes:
      • An iconic bird like Eddie the Bird not giving the right damage? Impossible, now he’s dealing damage heavy metal stylie!
    • Event fixes:
      • Didn’t claim your event rewards? We got you covered: all unclaimed rewards are sent to your ingame mailbox


    Sorry for the late post on here! You can also find a link to our patch notes in the what's new section of the app-store, via the in-game newsfeed AND just straight up on our facebook page : )
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  2. Sebastian72

    Sebastian72 Hatchling

    i hope Major Pecker gets fixed with next update that ALL players can access it and not only part of the players who have started playing earlier
  3. Batraaff27

    Batraaff27 Hatchling

    When is the new update?? I can't get AB EVO reinstalled at my phone. I corresponded with rovio and they say wait till 1.14 !! Any idea when its gonna be out??
  4. pantystealer

    pantystealer Hatchling

    Pls add 1 click sell all 1 star and 2 star birds except shiny.. It's hard to sell them one by one
  5. Tabby

    Tabby Tiny Birdy

    Agree with Sebastian! Not fair that some players get to play major pecker’s challenge while others do not! It gives you another aspect of the game to play, it gives you more rewards, and you can contribute to your clan! Everyone should get to play or no one! Please fix

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