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Oinkaton arena battle trophy issue

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Amy Brown, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Amy Brown

    Amy Brown Hatchling

    I've been having issues with the Oinkaton Arena battles. This morning I lost 59 trophies in one battle when the standard is 25. I've contacted support and the continual cut & paste response I keep getting is "We assure you the game is working and this is not a bug. Beating someone with a higher power than yours will give you more points while losing against someone with lower power will cost you more points than losing to a similarly ranked player would."

    My issues here are: A) I'm a level 50. I've battled level 80's with over 5,000 more experience than me and only won 26 trophies. That's only 1 more than the standard. I've battled level 52's that are similar in power and lost 59 trophies, which is a loss of 34 more than the standard 25 trophies. That's pretty extreme and no matter how many times I point that rare extreme loss to IT, they give a cut & paste response and don't look into it. I've never won even close to that many above 25, although the game is quick to take extra away. It's getting impossible to move up to the next rank of battles because the matching and reward systems are way off. A person with an 11,000 point team should never be pitted against someone with 20,000+ level birds. And in the rare instance they win, THAT is where an amount of 59 trophies should come into play. Not taking away 59. I'm at my wit's end with the issues with this game.
    B) When I first started playing the Oinkaton arena, they would award a flat 25 trophies for winning and take away 12-13 for losing. Why did this ever change? And if it's because a person moved up to Gold level battles, then why not increase the amounts won/lost similarly? I.e.- win 50, lose 25-26. I feel the only solution at this point is to lose battles until dropped back down into the very low tiers. It's impossible to move up when only awarding 25 trophies but taking away 25-59, depending.
    C) The arena battles have been freezing mid game. My phone isn't frozen- I can flip to my main screen and access other things. After waiting several minutes, I have to force-close the game. And in doing so, I automatically lose 25 trophies for the battle even if I was about to win when it froze.
  2. Kuzmins01

    Kuzmins01 Hatchling

    Just chill-i have the perfect answer 4U

    We assure you the game is working and this is not a bug. Beating someone with a higher power than yours will give you more points while losing against someone with lower power will cost you more points than losing to a similarly ranked player would.
  3. Amy Brown

    Amy Brown Hatchling

    Thank you troll Kuzmin. Your response solved all my issues!
  4. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    It's misleading. It's not about the power but Trophy score. The bigger the difference, the more points you could win/lose. Mostly you could lose than gain more points, never I seen that I would get 59 points, maybe max 43. So mostly we are paired with lower trophy count people than higher.

    The answer is here https://support.rovio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012494848-How-does-the-scoring-work-Why-did-I-lose-59-trophies-
  5. Booser1

    Booser1 Tiny Birdy

    How can I get matched with someone who has higher trophies than me, cuz I keep winning my pvp but all are lower in trophies hence only get 10 trophies plus clan bonus. Everyone keeps jumping past me in rank even though I have higher tiered birds and usually end the week with 30k in trophies, but this time not getting any good players to battle. Ive tried logging out, and back in, playing dungeons etc. seems like the AI is preventing me from winning any trophies past 10 even though everyone else seems to be getting the 59 trophies for playing higher tiers. HELP!!!!
  6. Gildan

    Gildan Super Cool Bird

    There is nothing you can do as a player to impact the odds of being paired up with an opponent who will reward you with +59 trophies upon victory, it is entirely random. Sometimes I will go 10 matches in a row where every opponent has 200 or more trophies less than I do so I get a measly 10 each time, sometimes I go 10 in a row of getting the full +59 trophies, usually it's a mix of the two extremes, but it's just random.

    You tend to start seeing matches towards the extremes of the spectrum more and more often the further away from a "middle of the pack" score you get, because the game is pulling opponents from a set of players with "nearby" scores to your own and as that number diminishes the odds that any of them have exactly (or slightly more/less) than you also diminishes - after the first day and a half or so, matches where my opponent and I have a roughly equal amount of trophies happen so infrequently as to be statistically never.

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