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Nothing to play for

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by liontooz1, May 5, 2018.

  1. liontooz1

    liontooz1 Tiny Birdy

    Level 130
    All colors full of 5* or cause i like them 4* with nice abbilities
    Main birds up to prestige 5 or above
    Dungeon birds at least 3 of each color to prestige level 1 or above
    99,9% of all fights can be won
    MPDC without gems up to 490 easily
    Even played the storyline up to the max of 30k enemy pigs

    Whats left to play for, rather then follow the daily addction?
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  2. Palash

    Palash Hatchling

    Thats true. Mostly same or near same event birds. No charm to play. In fact I really wonder why I am representing the birds at all. Who cares if pigs ate the eggs of birds! Even I truly don't know if pig have a taste for birds eggs. Anyhow, I am just logging few times a day to see around.
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  3. Landpirate

    Landpirate Super Cool Bird

    Unless you have a ton of time to waste in pvp to be in some clan with other people with nothing else to do the game is boring as hell
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  4. Booser1

    Booser1 Tiny Birdy

    After playing since November of 2k17, levelled first all 5* birds to prestige 5 and now to prestige 10, lost interest from this event El Jefe. Dumbest thing they did was level up El Gigante from a 4* to 5*, rename him, and think that all their players are like sheep and we just accept it. Kinda fed up with this game, the only thing keeping me from Injustice 2 was the fact I was worried I'd get more addicted to it than ABE, and after playing it this week, Im def switching.
  5. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    Re-Skinning is a common practice in other free-to-play games.

    I started in June 2017 and I still don't have all the 5-stars. Most of them are not prestiged. If I have enough tickets kicking around I will casually go for one of these collector items. Blue color is mostly garbage for me still. Given I have 2 each at least for the birds in this week Red Excavation, I will just stock up and help the clan out.
  6. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    The problem with El Jefe is that he looks too much like El Gigante while Kowalski The Elf and Black Metal Byron have a drastic change from their original counterpart.
  7. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    True and that is why I did not even go for him in the first place. If there was another 4* bird bumped into the 5* category, I’d vote for Carson! Well, a 6* mighty eagle doesn’t sound too bad either with the rule of a 6* bird occupying 2 team slots to keep things competitive keeping health of the 6* bird a little less than two 5* birds with a special color for the 6* bird. That would make things interesting!
  8. Landpirate

    Landpirate Super Cool Bird

    Doesn’t matter what bird you have or get or do with them the basic game is repetitive and boring.
  9. Kenv47

    Kenv47 Hatchling

    Actually it doesn't matter how many stars a bird is, as soon as people start raving about how good they are, Rovio has a bad habit of nerfing the hell out of them. Take Carson for example.
  10. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    I think its good business for them to have all the players go for that one bird, nerf it and have all the players go for the next best bird, nerf that one again. Rinse and repeat! That way you are never happy with the birds you have and always want the best ones.
  11. Tigerangels42038

    Tigerangels42038 Motherflocker

    Please tell me that was sarcasm, no its not good business practice, thats just %$#@ off your customers, i.e your businesses INCOME
  12. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    Not good business practice but just makes them more money as in good business.

    Even though there’s a ton of complaints, until I find another game spending a lot of time (and money) on, I’ll stick with this one. Such is the case with many. So, irrespective of how much they screw up, the number of hardcore gamers that bring them revenue wouldn’t probably drop down at an alarming rate. Yes, some do end up leaving but then new players come on board to fill up their shoes until the cycle repeats itself but by then Rovio would have made enough revenue out of this game and would have released a new game to repeat this cycle again.
  13. Booser1

    Booser1 Tiny Birdy

    yeah getting closer and closer to deleting the game. This happened with Pokemon Go same crap different company. Get you hooked than start manipulating the players to pay to play
  14. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    Rovio makes games to make money and if they are good enough games they will become filthy rich. They do not make games for people who do not play ALOT or pay. What is unfair to me is that made the current event impossible unless you pay or depleted all your reserves assuming you have enough gems. Thus, the game is entirely pay to play. Sad
  15. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    I never really got on board pokemon go but knew of someone who traveled coast to coast to collect some rare pokemon or whatever it is called.
  16. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    I felt 3900 was unachievable for the old 4 day event but ended up completing it in 3 days most of the times. It does require some dedicated game play. Especially with the occasional pvp arena and 3 waves. This new event format however, is like setting a reminder every 3 hrs to quick battle.

    I have only used about 10 berries I started with and the rest of the berries as I got them. I am currently in he 3600+ Now that I have completed all 50 battles, and the fact that I cannot get an occasional berry in the new format, it sounds like I won’t be getting a golden ticket this event!
  17. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Very few people will earn a gold ticket this event which is why they have it available to purchase... :mad:
  18. Witkacy [PL]

    Witkacy [PL] Super Cool Bird

    Wolf :)

    Pretty obvious what's this all about in current event running as FIRST THING opening past launching the game is the tab with sales offer... In the past it was more subtle, now they go full ahead... That's OK... No problem - it's like with UNWANTED SPAM... Don't bother... I would like to pay when I do wish to and there's no need to hit my eyes with the prices every single time... This intrusive sales strategy obiously not working towards me - even more - does complete opposite thing - even if everything would be tagged for 1$ - still WOULDN'T bother and buy it - simply just to remain feeling good with myself and so my own rules... Tit fot tat, right? :D

  19. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Yup, and if you have actually paid attention to the past "specials", they are putting fewer & fewer gems in them compared to days of old.
    They want you to pay full (crazy) price for gems...
  20. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    The special offer on my Android device is very nice but you can only buy ONCE. That won't give you enough extra berries to get to 39K either, not even close.

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