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No premium tickets from premium chests?

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Galilaya, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Galilaya

    Galilaya Hatchling

    For over a week I haven't got premium tickets on either of my 2 accounts. I am mostly only getting 2 gems in premium chests. What's with that? Regular chests averaging better rewards. Why?
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  2. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Forum Mod

    Rovio is trying to “deal with hackers”
  3. Galilaya

    Galilaya Hatchling

    Thank you for replying. Do you know what dealing with hackers has to do with this?
  4. Vanil

    Vanil Hatchling

    Hi. This is affecting the terence event. I finished 1st on the first contest. Im 4th on the ongoing one. I might have opened 12-15 premium chest and i only got 2-5 diamonds or keys! Not a single ticket!!! Used all my diamonds on tickets and still nothing.
  5. gmoney

    gmoney Super Cool Bird

    The silver ticket has literally been removed from the premium chest. I had my tickets at 25 to test, you don't get any warnings from wave/boss/mini dungeons anymore. That means that it isn't possible to get them (if it was possible, it would warn you about having your resource at max)
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  6. Galilaya

    Galilaya Hatchling

    That is true. I wonder why they would take them out. Its really messing up this event.
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  7. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    I agree
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  8. surge666666

    surge666666 Hatchling

    Hello Galilaya.
    Same here.I openened over 40(Yes Fourthy) premium chests and nothing.
    I only got two premium tickets today.
    I'm not sure what this has to do with hackers,but I agree.It's messing up the Terence event.
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  9. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

    Yup, they were back a bit on Sunday, and they are gone again.

    Only play on Sundays lol
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  10. Galilaya

    Galilaya Hatchling

    I got a few tickets only Sunday too but back to mostly 2 gems. Makes no sense why the regular chests are giving bigger rewards. But its frustrating missing out for so long on tickets and higher rewards.
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  11. Aleatherman

    Aleatherman Hatchling

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  12. TheGimpMaster

    TheGimpMaster Hatchling

    So here it is one week later and the problem still exists!?! As for the devs, it seems they have developed a case of the shut-uppies. Someone said they we're dealing with hackers, I find this interesting since one of their other games (Battle Bay) has been dealing with exploit problems.
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  13. Maha

    Maha Hatchling

    Everyone should change their ratings to 1 star
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  14. Aleatherman

    Aleatherman Hatchling

    Sooo doing this!!!!
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  15. Galilaya

    Galilaya Hatchling

    Seems they continue by taking even more. They took a turn from 'major peckerwood' and made it so you can only get around 150 snouts (7 rounds) without paying 100 gems. They also took away most of the quick battles. More work less rewards can't make only me mad. If they don't change it, I just dont have the time or care to play anymore.
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  16. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

    I prefer the three round battles during the event. It gives me more event points.
  17. TheGimpMaster

    TheGimpMaster Hatchling

    Well guess what today is Sunday and the premium tickets are back!?! Does this mean Sunday's are premium days now? :confused:
  18. SquawkTron

    SquawkTron Motherflocker

    Unfortunately, yes. :(
  19. surge666666

    surge666666 Hatchling

    Hello Dr. Possible.
    I know you were joking,but it looks like you were wright!
    I started to get the premium hatch tickets on Saturday night(time zones I guess?),& today on Sunday.
    Looks like I will only be playing on Sundays.
  20. Jz61410

    Jz61410 Hatchling

    That's so true I noticed one day I had got one or two but thn nothing, I'm excited for this Halloweenish event but doubt I'll have much of a chance at finding the event birds because of this

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