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Newly level 18 clan w/ 5 new slots seeks event focused players

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Tabby, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Tabby

    Tabby Tiny Birdy

    Clan Yolks on you is now a level 18 clan, which means we have 5 new spaces open for active, event-focused players!

    We currently have 40 other active members from around the world. Our clan always makes it to the team gold ticket. We share ideas, strategies and other communications on our clan chat (It's very fun- never a dull moment!)

    Our requirements are: Be active during events (make your individual gold ticket), play on insane mode, join our clan chat in the Line app, and use your free play in major pecker's challenge daily.

    We have no donation requirements, but ask that you give when you can. We have no trophy requirements.

    We are looking to fill these spaces with quality players, so if you think you are a fit, please leave me a message or add me on Line (id: taffyjean)

    yolks dr p.jpg
  2. Tabby

    Tabby Tiny Birdy

    4 spots filled with great players. 1 spot left.
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  3. Mantooth69

    Mantooth69 Hatchling

    If you have any future openings I'm interested in joining. Mantooth69 current lvl 81 I'm active especially during events.

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