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New Event, ABE BBB

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ray Estrella, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Ray Estrella

    Ray Estrella Super Cool Bird

    Come play the newest Event, ABE Beach Blanket Bingo.

    Hook up with other players for intense PoP wrestling matches. Wrestle long enough a d be rewarded with a brand new baby bird.

    Players that don't wrestle long enough for a fruitful outcome can choose to use blue pills, I mean spend blue gems for a chance to prolong the match. MORE GEMS = MORE TIME so dig deep...

    To keep it real Rovio will mix in some frozen screens leading to premature expultion from the challenge. Sorry birdie, no egg for you.

    Top score in each group gets a special bird with no feathers. Talk about a great pluck...
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  2. metztli013

    metztli013 Super Cool Bird

    Who could RESIST?! :D
  3. SquawkTron

    SquawkTron Motherflocker

    Wow, that sounds like fun. I can’t wait to lose a lot of gems during a match for a baby bird with no feathers.
    Edit: Sarcasm ;)
  4. Bloodkry

    Bloodkry Tiny Birdy

    Will premium tickets be awarded daily or is that just on Sunday?
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  5. Bridget

    Bridget Super Cool Bird

  6. Squadpwr

    Squadpwr Hatchling

    Will alcohol be served? Can I spend gold for a GLOW wrestling badass outfit with accessories?

    If yes.... I’m all in.
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  7. Christy

    Christy Tiny Birdy

    What Squadpwr said!
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