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Need good clan!

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Piggy McCool, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. Piggy McCool

    Piggy McCool Tiny Birdy

    I need a good clan to join especially for events. Does anyone have a clan I can join? Bird team is below.

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  2. Cmbryan79

    Cmbryan79 Hatchling

    Hey! What level are you? Are you able to meet these requirements? If so, send me us a request! aviary-image-1537186045515.jpeg
  3. Piggy McCool

    Piggy McCool Tiny Birdy

    No, I never obtain the gold ticket unless it is from a clan reward. Sorry
  4. Deja Dare

    Deja Dare Hatchling

    Are U above lvl 15? I just started a new clan CONCEDED_1s clan lvl 7, I need active members. I'm the leader. Only 700 coins per week and donate 1 clan perk daily. Im lvl 170. Left a top 25 clan to start my own. U interested. Whats ur ign and lvl?
  5. Piggy McCool

    Piggy McCool Tiny Birdy

    also I already have a good clan
  6. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    Couple pieces of advice Piggy McCool. Clan recruiters usually more interested on what you managed to get in the personal events. Both the 5 days 10K format and this recent long 30K event. Your team can be substandard because you are new to the game, we all were there at some point. However clan will consider letting you go if you cannot get 10K to 12K in the 5 days event.

    Most clans will look good until event starts. Good clans can get to the clan rewards by Friday or Saturday in the regular 5 days event.

    Good clans will kick "freeloaders" who are very low in points or outright 0 before the end of the event. Or even before clan get the higher rewards.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2018
  7. Piggy McCool

    Piggy McCool Tiny Birdy

    now I need a clan
  8. Deja Dare

    Deja Dare Hatchling

    Bro... U just said U were in a clan now ur not wth???
    If U want to be in a clan and help it grow, U can still join mine. All my clan rules are in my fb group. Just meet my minimums and U can stay. There EZ now cuz we're only lvl 7.
  9. Piggy McCool

    Piggy McCool Tiny Birdy

    Got kicked out
  10. Sandy

    Sandy Hatchling

    Hey guys, he is doing great and last event he got around 17k event points which is great with the team he has.
    It was a mistake one of our elders kicked him and he is back with us now
  11. Piggy McCool

    Piggy McCool Tiny Birdy

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