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My Top 3 Aggravating ABE issues

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ByThePrickingOfMyThumb, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. At NUMBER 3, we have the really crappy reward system, compounded by the indecisiveness of the dev team(s). Remember all of that hoopla about announcing improved rewards a few months ago, then implementing it for a short period of time before nerfing the hell out of the rewards to worse than ever before?
    Yeah. Then monkeying around with the events and Major Pecker challenge to be tedious, less fun, absolutely unfair to new players and smaller clans, with a further nerf of rewards?
    C'mon, Rovio...too much stick and nowhere near enough carrot going on here.

    NUMBER 2...win 10 lose 59. Seriously, this is a constant thing. When you win five battles in a row for 10 trophies each, then lose 59 on your 6th match...and when the 30-or so seconds after that are up to squeeze out that 7th battle, you win 10 again giving you 6 keys and ONE trophy ahead of what you had at the start to show for it...
    Yeah...I'm thinking PVP needs tiny bit of colossal tweaking, if not a slightly massive overhaul.

    Aaaaaaaaand at NUMBER 1: Story mode. Remember that thing that nobody does after opening Red's turf? Yeah, that. Does Rovio really suffer from such a lack of imagination, that the story mode is just left to languish, relegated to the absolute bottom of the priority list (if it is even ON the list at all)? And then to expand the game with the afore-mentioned Major Pecker mini-game and Eagle rip-off tower as some sort of 'Kansas City Shuffle' to shunt attention away from the need of story-mode tweaking? Seriously, how hard could it be to have the dev team make some adjustments to an existing part of the core game program, as opposed to coding in a whole new segment of add-ons to "expand and enhance" this game? Calling a spade a spade, here: ABE is a PVP-only game masquerading poorly as an Angry Birds-themed adventure-progression type game.

    And that's my Top 3 crap-rants...what are yours?
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  2. Starman.thc

    Starman.thc Super Cool Bird

    My number one gripe is simply the odds. The odds of getting a boss battle are pretty crappy, but add onto that the odds of that rare boss battle yielding a premium chest and you are hard pressed to get silver tickets (unless they tweak the odds as they did last weekend).

    Once you are able to overcome those odds, then you have to deal with the odds of that silver ticket getting you anything worthwhile, let alone an event bird.

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