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My thoughts and ideas for ABE

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark Baland, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Mark Baland

    Mark Baland Hatchling

    Add an edit team button to the arena page, so players don't
    accidentally enter the arena with a mostly or all one color team
    they selected for a scouting mission instead of their stronger

    Allow players to stay in an arena league indefinitely, or to return
    to a lower level arena league, since a good player eventually plays
    to a high enough level that even with skill and tactics, with mostly
    four star birds versus players with lots of 5* birds, it is difficult
    to acquire dungeon keys, requiring more losing than winning.
    (For example, if a player moves up to Champions III, and keeps
    losing to stronger teams, they should be able to switch back to
    Diamond I, starting at the bottom player ranking and minimum
    trophy count, without having to lose match after match.)

    Show birds included in current team somewhere on screen
    when on the island map, on the arena page,
    or on a scouting mission launch page.

    Add buttons to organize inventory by super shot rank, gold value,
    and XP value.

    Upgrade chat to save messages longer, allow replies and
    threaded comments on messages, and allow editing of messages.

    Allow team leaders see a member list organized by player levels,
    team powers, XP contributions, arena trophies, daily challenge
    scores, and event scores.

    End story mode after opening up the red dungeon, since continuing
    to play it only increases the power of the pig teams on scouting
    missions to the point where, if you keep playing adventure levels,
    the hard and insane difficulties on scouting missions become nearly

    Fix the glitch since in the Thanksgiving release where birds
    (especially eyes) and other graphics are pixelated. (In iOS,
    this can be fixed by deleting and reinstalling the app...).

    Fix the glitch where birds are randomly removed from dungeon teams.

    Fix the glitch where some pig corpses remain after dying,
    return the daily challenge to how it was before (didn’t stop you
    before earning 3 super shot totems), and let you play until you died.

    Allow clan members to pool resources to pay for perks, perhaps
    with members being able to put a certain amount of gems or gold
    on reserve, with the resources being spent if and when others
    contribute enough within a certain time frame, otherwise the
    hold is removed.

    Allow clan members to sell or trade birds and resources with
    each other (which I realize would cut into profits).
  2. Mark Baland

    Mark Baland Hatchling

    If your graphics are blurry after the Thanksgiving update, and
    you are using iOS (I can’t vouch for Android), I have a solution.
    I have tried it on two devices and a friend tried as well. It works.
    Make sure you are logged in with Facebook so your progress is
    saved. Delete the app. Reinstall it from the App Store.
    The graphics are fixed. Skip through the opening cut scene,
    play the practice match, and log back in...
  3. Mark Baland

    Mark Baland Hatchling

    Clan Perks

    Level / Perk
    1 none (10 members)
    2 first aid rank 1
    3 smart bomb rank 1
    4 clan egg rank 1
    5 15 members
    6 clan scout rank 1
    7 first aid rank 2
    8 20 members
    9 smart bomb rank 2
    10 25 members
    11 clan egg rank 2
    12 30 members
    13 first aid rank 3
    14 smart bomb rank 3
    15 clan egg rank 3
    16 no new perk
    17 35 members
    18 40 members
    19 45 members
    20 50 members
  4. Mark Baland

    Mark Baland Hatchling

    Eagle Mountain Pig Payoffs

    1st 20
    2nd 50
    3rd 100
    4th 200
    5th 400
    6th 800
    7th 1600
    8th+ 3200
  5. Mark Baland

    Mark Baland Hatchling

    Resource Max Amounts:

    Energy Berries: 25
    Arena Tickets: 25
    Regular Hatch Tickets: 25
    Premium Hatch Tickets: 25
    (1x, 3x, and 5x premium ticket rewards are included in this #)
    10x Premium Hatch Tickets: 10
    Dungeon Keys: 75
    Birds in Inventory: 100
    Prestige Totems: 25?
    Super Shot Totems: 25?
    Anger Totems: 25?
    Friendship Hearts: 750
    Evolution Essence: 200/color
    Evolution: 9000/color
    Birds in Mailbox: 24 hours
    Friendship in Mailbox: 48 hours
    Friends: 50 (Some have more?)
  6. Mark Baland

    Mark Baland Hatchling

    Bird Suggestions: Original Flock

    Rovio should add more of their classic Angry Birds characters
    to ABevo, as 4* or 5* birds.

    I have some ideas below:

    The Blues (Blue Jay, Blue Jake, & Blue Jim) could function as one
    playable character, maybe standing on each other’s heads like a
    totem pole, and could have evolutions where they are a robot
    like Voltron and maybe one where they wear a trench coat and
    a fedora like an old school private investigator.

    Silver could get color bonuses in/on white and/or blue areas/days.

    Stella (the pink bird) could get color bonuses in/on red and/or
    white areas/days.

    Hal (the green toucan that boomerangs) could get color bonuses
    in/on yellow and/or blue areas/days. He could have crocodile
    hunter and Australian Aboriginal evolutions.

    Bubbles (the orange bird that puffs up) could get color bonuses
  7. Mark Baland

    Mark Baland Hatchling

    Bird Suggestions: Supporting Cast:

    Rovio should make some of the supporting cast of ABevo
    into playable characters.

    Imagine the following as 4* or 5* Birds:

    The Eagle Forcers:

    Major Pecker (yellow)
    Wonder Bird (blue)
    Dr. Strangebird (black)
    Mr. Beakagi (white)
    Peck Girl (red)
    and maybe even...
    The Mighty Eagle (white)

    The Scouts:

    Name? (Gray)
    Name? (Purple)
    Name? (Light Blue)

    Other Characters:

    Dickey Motormouth (yellow)
    - (from the opening cut scene)

    Old Blue (blue)
    - (the old blue bird who stands on the box
    and offers to sell you stuff...)

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