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MPDC access

Discussion in 'FAQ's' started by metztli013, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. metztli013

    metztli013 Super Cool Bird

    Hey guys. I'm sure this has probably been addressed and/or answered already, but I scrolled thru a few pages and didn't see a thread where it might be so my question is this:
    Does anyone know at what level mpdc becomes accessible?

    Again, sorry if this is a repeat. Please don't tar and feather me =P Thanks!
  2. Wintermute

    Wintermute Tiny Birdy

    MPDC is not open to new players :mad:
    here is the official answer from one of Rovios peeps:

    Luke November 04, 2017 02:02

    Hello there,

    and thank you for contacting us.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, please know that users who have registered after 2nd of October 2017 will temporarily not receive access to the Daily Challenge. Please note that the decision has been made by our Game Team. The decision may be changed in the future. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say when.

    We hope this answers your inquiry. If there is anything else we can help you with, please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards,

    Rovio Support Team
  3. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator


    Just wow...
  4. metztli013

    metztli013 Super Cool Bird

    I ... don't know how to respond to this nonsense. So, I'll just go with RemixFTW said. Just,....wow.
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  5. Buds

    Buds Motherflocker

    No words. Have they really fallen THAT low?
  6. Buds

    Buds Motherflocker

    Then again the only thing you would gain from it would be around 400 gold, no gems and a SS totem at most if you complete all rounds.
  7. Lotusroot

    Lotusroot Hatchling

    SS totem is kind of important, how do we level SS shot of our birds without it? im facing people with SS8 and better birds, while I have SS4 and SS3, I couldn't even improve it if I wanted to spend a lot of money on it either
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  8. Wintermute

    Wintermute Tiny Birdy

    I like how they make it sound like an achievement for early starters, instead of a screw up for new subscribers... Problem is it impacts everyday enjoyment of the game, from complete inability to participate and share in rewards of MPDC to much lower SS availability which makes new players less competitive in PvP to some clans flat out not accepting new players because of crippled accounts. No matter how Rovio chooses to spin it - its BULLSH*T that needs to be fixed LONG AGO, instead of that idiotic "NEW GAMES" button that pollutes the freaking screen.
  9. metztli013

    metztli013 Super Cool Bird

    Agree 1000%! Also, did you notice that convenient little button to "like" them on FB? Halloween Annie was standing in my bird town with a bubble above her that said "Like us on FB" or something along those lines. When I clicked it, it took me to their FB page and when I returned, Annie was gone. *Eye roll*
    It's so unfair that newbies can't have access to MPDC! Unfair that they can't contribute to or claim clan rewards for MPDC! Unfair that they changed MPDC from what it was to begin with. I get that they want to make money but there are sooooo many better ways to go about it and entice us to spend, rather than try and force us to spend. Dangit, Rovio! *shakes fist*
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  10. Redders

    Redders Hatchling

    Trying to think of any seemingly logical non monetary reason why such a fun feature was removed. Still trying, but i better stop before my brain explodes
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  11. Wachaaa

    Wachaaa Hatchling

    Yeah, is ridiculous... Can't imagine the reason, ...
  12. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    There was a case where people got 1000 gems instead of 500, for being in different test groups. To compensate arising game issues.

    Maybe it would be fair for newer players to get weekly compensation in form of gems also, to compensate lack of game features? Because it sounds the same as the case with 500 and 1000 gems
  13. Dan1212

    Dan1212 Super Cool Bird

    I think this is disgraceful , and needs to be changed IMMEDIATELY. It doesn't even make sense on the surface.. I bet they did this because of cheaters..But here is the thing... they changed the reward structure so much that it doesn't even matter if there are cheaters because they wont be able to obtain the silver ticket without 100 gems.. So why destroy the game for the majority of new players just to stop a couple cheaters?

    This is very reminiscent of the old DRM on game cd's days.. It caused the legit paying customer more headaches than the one pirating.
  14. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    So, my first message to one of the developer who were online was
    He asked me to clarify what message player support sent. I replied. And then follow conversation which is attached below. I started conversation on monday, and this conversation in picture is of today (Thursday).

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  15. Witkacy [PL]

    Witkacy [PL] Super Cool Bird

    Good evenin' gals & guys :)

    So... I rated the ABE very fine at the Google Play thing...



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  16. Deja Dare

    Deja Dare Hatchling

    The most ridiculous thing with any update is the fact that old players didn't lose their mpdc, only new players are stripped of it. Seriously...wtf ravio?! So, older players can earn silvers and ss totems daily, while the rest of us wait for randomized totems from hatch house, utterly stupid. "Ravios game team division decided to remove mpdc, cuz they didn't like it!" Do they put in $$ like 50% of us do, or more? Supposedly a remastered mpdc will be released, or so I read. Ravio said 3 months. Hey, globally this game is going downhill, don't get me wrong I still play it, but it was alot more fun, even B4 they removed mpdc. Mpdc used 2 have 20 waves and U got 2/2 runs per day, not 1/1.
    I'm hoping ravio resurrects mpdc by Easter or B4. If they're going 2 put a LIMIT on players, EVERY PLAYER should be stripped, so that its fair, not just some. Rovio is discriminating new players! *Also, out of winning 14 Boss fights on Insane difficulty I only won 1 silver. ONE! U used to get silver tickets way more frequently B4 Thanksgiving update 2017.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018

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