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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Annie14, May 1, 2018.


How Many of Us Want More Inventory Space?

  1. Me

  2. Not Me

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  1. Annie14

    Annie14 Tiny Birdy

    How Many of Us Want More Inventory?
  2. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    ALL of us.
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  3. Gildan

    Gildan Super Cool Bird

    More inventory space is probably one thing we all universally agree on.
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  4. Annie14

    Annie14 Tiny Birdy

    This is why I created this post /poll. We get blips and drips in Forum on more inventory but crickets run rampant at Rovio on the subject. Maybe with votes they can see actual numbers. VOTE!
  5. gazou208

    gazou208 Hatchling

    Me too
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  6. Sfo

    Sfo Hatchling

    More inventory yes and a method to sort inbox by color, type of item etc.
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  7. Annie14

    Annie14 Tiny Birdy

    I love that idea! I can't believe that wasn't part of that patch.
  8. Sumo Bro

    Sumo Bro Tiny Birdy

    I agree with this idea.
  9. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Super Cool Bird

    Also allow us to set automatic sell. Sell all 1-star. Sell all red bird 3 stars or less. Etc.

    Then allow us to save few preset teams. The dungeon teams are saved most of the time. I like to save my MPDC, regular, PvP teams also.
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  10. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    I agree on having multiple preset teams, it would tremendously help with mpdc/arena now that mpdc has become pretty challenging with the latest update.
  11. Witkacy [PL]

    Witkacy [PL] Super Cool Bird

    Skit :)

    No, it hasn't... It's just went back to normal, as before being SUPER easy... Now still easy though... Every run I do I finish with 490/493/495 snouts...

  12. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Yeah, I thought had changed. Seems like the boss pigs have shorter timers than before event / update...
  13. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    I think the shorter timers has caused me to fall short of snouts almost every run. I would regularly get 491 snouts but now I’m doing just a bit above 400. I might have to rethink my strategy though. Cheers!
  14. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Yeah, with Tiffany I did not need to overthink the last 2 waves but now it requires a little strategy... Probably why they changed it. That & too many players + clans had no problem with getting the rewards.
  15. Starman.thc

    Starman.thc Super Cool Bird

    I have had trouble on the last level or 2 of MPDC lately due to them loading up the board with a bunch of smaller pigs...their Health and damage is heavily increased, so it is typically difficult to get rid of enough of them before they start hitting back...HARD. I am typically able to get through all 10 levels, but when it's like this I will occasionally be pummeled during the last wave and miss out on the bonus.
  16. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    I guess this might actually be a reason for me to finally use Frost...
  17. ADBjester

    ADBjester Tiny Birdy

    100 slots was great when the "collection" was 280 birds. Its now 356 birds, with an extra 7 5* birds (12 slots used for completionists).

    I would appreciate seeing a MODERATE increase if only to adjust for inflation. I'd like to see it be increased to 110.... maybe 120 to account for future inflation.

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  18. Witkacy [PL]

    Witkacy [PL] Super Cool Bird

    Skit :)

    Some general (guess obvious) tips from me:

    1. Picking the right birds...

    a) Mandatory/highly recommended (being all the way best, no matter of the colour of the day, thanks to their abilities):

    b) Useful:


    2. Tactic tips:

    All levels applied

    a) Use Frosty as soon as you can and all the time keep the eye on little thief pig - if he manage to get away successfully - you'll loose some snouts every level as he's being one and only pig which wouldn't just stand forever and wait to be killed...


    b) The same goes for Heart's Annie - while Claude is best at destroying big targets (bosses pigs), little white cutie CAN WIPE literally all pigs with ''threat mode activated'' on her way (even with full health) - no matter small or big ones...


    c) While using Frosty I rather use some ground shape, than aiming and hitting some particular bird(s) directly...


    d) The most obvious thing: the STRONGER team you have (birds' power + super shots) the EASIER you'll defeat all pigs on board, even considering the fact they might hit harder through the last two waves...


  19. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    I find my Fringy, Rooster, Angro, Prob, QB team to be just as good

    Fringy for her mutli-hit ability and for her god tier leader ability
    Rooster to deal heavy damage to a boss pig
    Angro for a good pig puller and combo maker
    Prob for a good pig stopper and decent damager
    QB for god tier heavy damage and combo maker
  20. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    I used Wide QB, Chuck, Tiffany, Chuck & Frost yesterday. Worked fine both times.

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