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Max Rune Keys

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DyingMango, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. DyingMango

    DyingMango Hatchling

    Does anybody know what the maximum gold/silver keys is? Hoping they have a 50% discount on chests again for holiday times and want to save up (without going over).
  2. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    I was wondering the same
  3. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    If what Nyk said about the guy in his clan is correct, keys might fall into the same class as gold and gems. Being the case, it's likely that (for now) there is no limit on the amount of keys you can have.


  4. Nyk

    Nyk Motherflocker

    I asked him how many keys he had and he said that he had over 600 gold and over 1000 silver when he cashed them in. He wasn't at the limit though.
  5. samaavain

    samaavain Hatchling

    The keys have limit of 1000 for both silver and gold.

    They act quite like the Silver/gold tickets. You get a warning in the event island before the match if you are over the limit that you would lose those. For completing the major Pecker daily challenge the 10 silver keys go to the inbox for 7 days (-1sec?).
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  6. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    I wonder if they made that change after the 1/2 price day...
  7. samaavain

    samaavain Hatchling

    No they didn't, It has been like that already before the cyberweek sale.
  8. Nyk

    Nyk Motherflocker

    Thank you for this info. Can you let us know how you found this out?
  9. samaavain

    samaavain Hatchling

    Well I haven't seen the improvements runes give worth it that I would have used them. So I currently have over 900 of both and just buy runes when I have over 1000 keys. Numerically the effect on the crit damage, health and damage seem negligible. I think the only good thing would be the front crit chance.

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