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making the best team out of what i have.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by E-22, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. E-22

    E-22 Hatchling

    So after using Carson huge evolution,Annie strong evolution, Dutch huge, Cytil raging and Dr.Prombtonik mind control for all 3 game stages(pvp,pve,Majors daily challenge) i see that this is not working too well for daily challenge part.
    So i would like to get some tips on making the best team for each one. PVP team(even tho carson clears the area) PVE team(dont really bother with it since Carson clears the map anyway) and Majors daily chalenge team.
    I have Carson,Annie,Dutch,Cyril,2 dr Prombtonik(one has the mind controll the other is just lvl20, Darlene Counting evolution,Zain expansive,Geranldine,Murphy, Matilda,2 steves,Doris,Paige,El gigante,2 Ron,Jacquie,2Brenda, 2 Bellie, Bette and Trey.
    so whats the best teams to make? i would like some opinions.
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  2. Buds

    Buds Super Cool Bird

    For Daily, you're not gonna get anywhere without Claude being a very high level and being the leader. Just gonna say that now. Finished all 20 waves the other day without having to refill life, thanks to Claude's leader bonus.
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  3. E-22

    E-22 Hatchling

    heh using Billie i was able to get to 20 wave. so yeah found my team for that
  4. Flyfisher

    Flyfisher Hatchling

    I have 2 level 85 Carsons (one as the leader), level 90 Claude, level 85 Thrash, and level 83 Cyril. I can complete level 20 on the daily challenge on the first try. I do the second for clan perks. The rockstar bonus is the key. I am currently leveling up my third Carson to see if he is worth inserting into the team. But I don't know if having 3 four star birds will make my team health too low.
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  5. Stickybones

    Stickybones Hatchling

    For sure! I have Claude as my lead...really dig Chuck... I just got Terence and Byron...are they worth leveling?
  6. Buds

    Buds Super Cool Bird

    For my team I have:

    Level 100 Strong Karate Claude─Leader and healer
    Level 83 Weak Spot Red─Another strong healer
    P.5 Wide Dutch─Best way to rack up hits
    Level 60 Strong Threat Annie─Doesn't always heal, but can do over 10K damage easily.
    Level 80 Volcanic Kick Fire Rooster─Easy way to rack up small damage with the left-over magma pool, and the impact can deal a godsend on Red day.
  7. Bridget

    Bridget Super Cool Bird

    Get your Matilda to at least P1 with an SS of at least 6 (IMO choose magnetize), Annie leveled to the minimum of 80, Keep Carson for now but get him leveled, Get Dutch leveled to the minimum of 80 SS of 6, Use Cyril also, need that yellow.
    MY goal is to get all 5* to P5
  8. E-22

    E-22 Hatchling

    hmm so ive been using carson annie cyril dutch billie and its been working ok so far. not for pvp obviously and with the changes for major packer i dont realy care about healing. drops from fans is enough for 8 waves.
    with the new 3 birds this will change in many ways. like use the new annie for healing and replace carson with eddie seams ok. then like get cyril out and have matilda since carson wont be on the team to clear map. this way i can have a team of 5 star birds for max dmg and hp. but thats speculation since one i dont know if ill be able to get em and 2 i dont know the new birds evolutions.

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