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Major Pecker's Final Scores or "Magic Rovio Snout Bonus"

Discussion in 'FAQ's' started by DivePhilippines, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. DivePhilippines

    DivePhilippines Tiny Birdy

    Does anyone at all know what criteria drives the "Magic Rovio Snout Bonus" given after completing Wave 7?

    Most days of the week I am getting a post-wave7 score of between 123 and 128. When the final final score shows, it is just short of 150 snouts. A fellow clan member suggested that I was not killing all the thief pigs, the ones that fly off, thus denying me a few snouts. But that is not true. Here are some observations:
    • Several days ago I played the first round and got a post-wave7 score of 128 and a final score of 149 (which I will show as 128/149). I then paid 100 gems and ended up with 128/143. So both rounds I got the same post-wave7 score but different snout score.
    • Wednesday (black) I played with two Carson and one Dutch, all P5, a P1 Annie and a P5 Jacquie as leader. So with 3 maxed black birds I expected a good score. I killed all pigs in every round and ended the game with almost full health. My final snout score with 3 black birds was 148.
    • Thursday (white) I played white birds Jacquie, Annie, and Jimmy and black bird Carson, all P5, and L95 Matilda. So now I have 4 white birds. This time I easily killed all pigs on all levels and had a full health bar. Final snout score with 4 white birds was 126/149.
    • Friday (blue) I played white birds Jacquie, Annie, Jimmy, and black birds Carson and Dutch, all P5. Although I killed all pigs in all waves, I nearly was killed before wave 7, with some well timed heart PUs saving me. My final snout score with no blue birds and only 1/4 health left was 130/153. WTF?
    • Saturday (today, red) I played the same birds as on Thursday except I swapped out Jimmy and put in red P5 Bette. Again, all pigs were killed, with no thief pigs getting away. Health at the end was maybe in the 60-70% range. My final scout score with one red bird was 129/151.
    • I have noticed before that on yellow days, not using any yellow birds and usually ending with little health left, I score over 150.
    A couple of my fellow clan members get over 150 almost every day and use birds that aren't maxed, and some not even Prestige. The final post-wave7 score does not seem to correlate to a final scout score as shown in my first example. It seems that if the challenge is completed too easily, final score ends up under 150. This may explain why few, or no, birds of that day's color results in a harder challenge, less health remaining, and a better score? I also wonder why the post-wave7 score is different from the final score. It is almost as if Rovio intended to have an 8th wave but it doesn't work so they just give credit for the kills, dependent on what pigs would have dropped.

    I will see what happens on Sunday and report it here. What I'd like to see also is what others are getting for scores, post-wave7 and then final scout score. If for the same challenge one person gets 129/149 and another gets 129/152 then some differing factor was used to award the extra snouts.

    **** UPDATES ****
    Sunday (white bird) I played P5 white birds Jacquie, Annie, and Jimmy and P5 black birds Carson and Dutch. I easily killed all pigs and ended with a full health bar. Final snout score was 129/152.
    Monday (red) Same team as Saturday. No lost pigs. Final score was 129/149. Played a second round and got 128/149.
    Tuesday (yellow) I played the same team as Sunday. Lost about half my health. Final score was 128/150.

    Clearly there seems to be no dependency on bird color vs. day and post-wave7 score does not drive the final scout score. Nor does final health matter as to snout score.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
  2. VeronicaVaughnV

    VeronicaVaughnV Super Cool Bird

    I can send you the links to some earlier posts like this, but basically Rovio knows this and have responded to my tickets with their usual “sorry that’s the way the game is designed blah blah blah...” . You can write them the most compelling, reasonable ticket and provide proof of the issues but you are going to get a generic reply saying that they are sorry but the game is made that way but they value your feedback blah blah blah...
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