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Major peckers challenge

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Nana, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Me too. Only getting 1/2 on first login
  2. Douchin

    Douchin Hatchling

    Picore défi 1/2 ou est passer 2/2 arnaque???? Trop de bug sur ce defit
  3. Yodo

    Yodo Tiny Birdy

  4. Bridget

    Bridget Super Cool Bird

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  5. D_Sizz

    D_Sizz Hatchling

    Why am i only getting 1 major pecker challenge attempt every day now? And on top of that I'm getting kicked out after 5 or 6 waves
  6. D_Sizz

    D_Sizz Hatchling

    I just posted same thing. Been happening a few days now
  7. D_Sizz

    D_Sizz Hatchling

    This is happening to me too
    Like they just want to take my gems
  8. Shayne

    Shayne Hatchling

    Ugh. Right in the middle of the challenge and booted. I spent real money in beta getting my birds to a better level and now that they are, I can't reap the benefits in pecks challenge. Please take it back to what it was and let us decide if the challenge takes too long instead of making it impossible to get a premium ticket because it kicks us. Even if I do get all of the possible snouts it kicks us out before we even get the ticket.... I'm sorry I won't pay for something that should have been awarded to me. Looking more like a ripoff each day.
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  9. TweetButtStomp

    TweetButtStomp Hatchling

    Stop punishing the players that are loyal to this game I don't like that every time I play there is some new feature or change to that new feature we play these games to pass the time we don't want things to hurry up and end abruptly this isn't fair I like the daily challenge just how it was 2 turns to get snoutlings is in no way taking up too much time to play because you give us 24 hours to play both those turns 1 turn isn't enough to get even half the required snoutlings to get all the prizes
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  10. Louise

    Louise Hatchling

    Yes me Too I have exactly the same issue
  11. Teresa

    Teresa Hatchling

    I just had that happen to me as well! I didn't have that many snoutlings, but I didn't get my second round either.
  12. Beadalisa

    Beadalisa Hatchling

    I have only been given 1/2 turns each day for the last week. It also kicks me out at 148 snouts even though I still have health. Not sure what is up with this, but I know that most of my clan is having the same problem.
  13. Mike187

    Mike187 Hatchling

    They keep changing every thing cause they like ripping player off. They made it impossible to get premium hatch tickets anymore have had 0 since last update and now they take rewards and one challenge away they want more money
  14. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

  15. NathanAB

    NathanAB Tiny Birdy

    Same. When I get to round 8. It finishes
  16. Stephie

    Stephie Hatchling

    Has anyone else noticed that it isn't actually possible to get all the awards unless you pay 100 gems? I always max out at 148, even when I get every pig and play every round.
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  17. rthhfghg

    rthhfghg Tiny Birdy

    Well it didn't stay two for me....as I was given only 1 challenge and had my first challenge cut short
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  18. rthhfghg

    rthhfghg Tiny Birdy

    Well it didn't stay two for me....as I was given only 1 challenge and had my first challenge cut short
  19. OneTexan

    OneTexan Hatchling

    I have a question. I'm not getting kicked from Major Peckers Challenge, but it has gotten extremely hard. I can't usually get past the first wave now. I do regular levels on Insane. Any idea why It is so hard?. I was able to get to 5 or 10 before.
  20. Dunkleys

    Dunkleys Tiny Birdy

    Make sure you are taking advantage of the color bonus. Also, try using Billie for the power ups if you have him. That will help. I, too, feel like they upped the difficulty a bit.
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