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Major peckers challenge

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Nana, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Nana

    Nana Super Cool Bird

    log in today to do clan challenge, I'm at full health on wave 8 I believe and it booted me with 149 snoutlings like the battle was over and I had won.....went back to do 2nd challenge and there wasn't 1.......anyone else having this problem?
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  2. James Tinkham

    James Tinkham Tiny Birdy

  3. James Tinkham

    James Tinkham Tiny Birdy

    We're trying something dramatically new! Maybe we keep it maybe we don't.. We'll see. But for at least a while, we want to change how the Daily Challenge works. We truly love Major Pecker's workout regime, but as we're all aware, it has been causing us trouble from the start. We have no plans to get rid of it! We want to stress that these changes are probably not going to be lasting or the last ones for that matter. What we're trying to do is make it a quicker experience, as the other birds outside of it are getting lonely and sad. To do this we've made it so there will only be one free entry a day, and those fights will be significantly shorter (hopefully). To even it out a bit, we've also lowered the requirements for challenge prizes! These changes will be implemented tomorrow, but due to some coding, won't be visually updated until Monday. So it will still say two - instead of one for a few more days.
    If it all crumbles down, we'll change it immediately, but in the meantime please give us any suggestions you would have for picking up Pecker's pace! [​IMG]
    Also stay tuned for some ~spooky~ announcements coming up later this week! [​IMG]
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  4. Nana

    Nana Super Cool Bird

    Well it didn't stay two for me....as I was given only 1 challenge and had my first challenge cut short
  5. Bridget

    Bridget Super Cool Bird

    I am just going to say this. The DC was awesome in the beginning. I try very hard not to complain but this is what I see. I know this I a Free to play but it seems to be leaning more to a pay to play. I will honestly say that I typically buy the small dollar amount deals on weekends. And that was when it was worth it. Now I am questioning if I want to spend any real money. I used to want to P5 all my 4* and 5*, now I just want the 2 evo's. I personally feel that they are making the game easier for new players and making those beta and global launch people pay the price. But that is just my opinion.
    • update came out with Daily Challenge - awesome rewards
      • lowered coinage gained in dungeons - hmm, okay look at the rewards in DC
      • Generous gold chests with tickets and more gems
      • Better rewards for Leveling up
    • Found cheaters - lowered rewards for Daily Challenge
      • Gold chest reduced to keys and pink tickets maybe 2 gems and 0.001% chance at silver ticket, hmm seeing a trend here
    • DC reconfigured again to 1 wave battle, less gold, no gems (not sure what else didn't pay attention :confused:)
    So instead of my 2 Cents I gave you the whole dollar :p
  6. Buds

    Buds Super Cool Bird

    Just attempted the challenge, and didn't even get enough Snouts for the premium hatch ticket. Well, what great pay-bait changes they have made.
  7. VeronicaVaughnV

    VeronicaVaughnV Super Cool Bird

    I thought this only happened to me! I got booted at wave 8 with full health!! Only got 152 snouts when I could have gone all the way since today is blackXP day! So upset!
  8. VeronicaVaughnV

    VeronicaVaughnV Super Cool Bird

    Why was I kicked mid-game with 100% health!?!?
  9. Misskicate

    Misskicate Hatchling

    What the hell? I just completed the challenge and only received 146 snouts... so I can't get the final two prizes without PAYING 100 gems because you can only play once for free and the challenge isn't long enough to get enough snouts playing once through.
  10. Ghost

    Ghost Hatchling

    I agree. It’s bs. Rovio gonna loose many players. Plus no other way to get platinum tickets. So how he’ll we to play odds to get rare birds. Turning into all about $.
  11. Ghost

    Ghost Hatchling

    Lol same post as on Facebook. Nice computer generated message Rovio. Can’t even type new human message.
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  12. Misskicate

    Misskicate Hatchling

    Two high paying players in this household are quitting with this newest update - we're done with the changes that only punish the honest players
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  13. Ghost

    Ghost Hatchling

    I agree. I’m about to quit to. Loved this game till they made it all about their profit
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  14. VeronicaVaughnV

    VeronicaVaughnV Super Cool Bird

    Wait are you saying that my saying that I got kicked out in the middle of my game while I still had 100% health was actually a computer pretending to be a person complaining on Facebook??? If so I hate to disappoint you but I’m not a computer....
  15. ManyAct

    ManyAct Hatchling

    Already got a full team of 5 stars at prestige 5. I was leveling more birds just for the DC, so I could finish lvl 20 with every color. Why would i need to do that aymore since lvl 8 can be done easily with current team? There is no end game content at all anymore.
    They should have increased the DC max lvl, not cut it down like that!
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  16. Ghost

    Ghost Hatchling

    No I ment to post separate. It was about Rovio post not yours
  17. Verno24

    Verno24 Hatchling

    Logged into D.C. But only got 1 chance to play and then it kicked me out after wave 8 with almost full health, not fair :(
  18. Mark Gunter

    Mark Gunter Hatchling

    The exact same thing happened to me yesterday. I had half my health and the first challenge just ended and I had just over 150 snouts. Before the challenge started it said I had two challenge attempts after the first ended unexpectedly I had no more free challenges. This game has gotten ridiculously greedy.
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  19. Ray Estrella

    Ray Estrella Super Cool Bird

    We just wanted to save you time. So we kick you out after 8 levels, healthy or not. See, you have more time now.

    Of course if you'd like to PAY we'd love to see you spend MORE TIME playing.

    More gems more time, more, more, more. Bwaahahahaaaa

    Sincerely Rovio
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  20. AnnieOkra

    AnnieOkra Hatchling

    Yes, level 8... 146 snoutlings and no 2nd challenge. Two other members of our clan (AngrieBirdies) had this happen also. Hope they fix it :(

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