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Major Pecker Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schweetheart, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Schweetheart

    Schweetheart Hatchling

    How do you unlock Major Peckers challenge? I'm level 32, and in the red zone, and havent seen anything to unlock it.
  2. Buds

    Buds Super Cool Bird

    Surprise surprise...
    You cannot.
    You see; Rovio, being the greedy people they are, shut off Major Peckers challenge to anyone who joined after October 2nd. So until then, you cannot play the daily challenge.
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  3. Michael Harbuck

    Michael Harbuck Hatchling

    Yes it's bs.
  4. DaggettBeaver

    DaggettBeaver Hatchling

    It's not "bs", it's one of the worst developer decisions ever and i can only encourage each and all players who are affected by that to write a very, very angry mail to the support to make clear that we will not accept that.

    Not only do we miss the rewards this Challenge offers - these rewards mean that the gap between older and newer players can never be closed, since every day, they gain more than we do - but it also means that some better clans won't even let us newer players in. I saw several clans who said on their description that daily contribution to Major Pecker is required to join the clan - yeah, well, i guess i won't be able to join then. Seriously, this is beyond f*cked up and Rovio has to finally do something!

    If they can't let all players into Major Peckers for some reason, they need to deactivate it for all players. Letting some players access the challenge and rewards while locking out others is the worst decision the devs could ever have made...

    We all need to be a lot more angry towards Rovio to make clear that they understand the implications of this beyond stupid decision they made.
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  5. Desert Song

    Desert Song Super Cool Bird

    It is about the stupidest decision ever. And I say that as someone who can play it.

    For those who cannot, what you are missing assuming you complete all 7 levels each day:

    Per day for free: 50 coins, 2 keys, one SS totem, 100 evo mats of daily color; 50% (or lower) chance of 3 extra SS totems
    Per day if you pay 100 gems: Certainty of getting the 3 extra SS totems mentioned above, 1 silver hatch ticket
    Per week if your clan participates well: 150 coins, 5 keys, 2 silver tickets, 2 SS totems, 100 evo mats of each color; Possibly 3 extra SS totems if your clan really participates well
  6. Schweetheart

    Schweetheart Hatchling

    Yeah, I'm done with this game then, because it is taking a millennia to level up birds anyways, and if I cant get the same game as older players then whats the point? I dont understand why Rovio did that.
  7. Actually...I think I've figured out what makes getting above 150 possible. The pig that spawns more when you hit him from behind. Pigs he spawns don't drop them upon defeat, but they count toward the final tally of defeated pigs when you clear wave 8. I got 157 testing this theory. I might have gotten more but I didn't get very many of the spawner pigs. If I can do it on the next red's day and kill all but each spawner pig and just use him to spawn regular pigs (I've Claude and Dutch for near-infinite healing off using Dutch to get combo hits from the pigs on the sidelines) until he finally dies from being hit...I can verify this as solid. If the stars align just right and I get spawner pigs AND boss with a healing field, I'll see how high I can drive the kill count for the final tally. If anyone cares to help me with this let us all know how it went.
  8. Deja Dare

    Deja Dare Hatchling

    Erased my old account @ lvl 99, to help my teams xp, and this time round I know better what to do choice wise. But to find out on new account that Ravio has deleted mpc all together, Extremely pissed off! Was bad enough that they reduced mpc from 2/2 to 1/1 daily, nothing now. So in 3 months they're suppose to bring an improved mpc to the game. Hhhmmmm??? Yes, we'll see.
  9. Deja Dare

    Deja Dare Hatchling

    SS Totems have been raised to 30x. May be the only good thing they've done
  10. Andromeda

    Andromeda Hatchling

    I'm currently playing both versions and the difference is huge.

    My first team, with has MPC, I did way too much of the story line and ended up with insane battles well over 20,000 (I'm finally close). It sucks for both my clan and I when an event rolls around and I just can't earn as much as they do for the clan and myself.

    So, started another account, but instead of wiping my original, I re-downloaded the app through Android's guest account option (not sure if iOS does this) and I can play two different teams on my phone. Completely lucky I did it that way, since I didn't know about MPC thing then.

    Anyway, new team is just around 10,000, but I can quick battle insane and that's awesome. But, no MPC.

    So, my older team has every bird at SS-6 or 7, I get 100 extra evolution materials every day, and if I want to more SS totems and a silver ticket, 100 gems isn't an awful deal I guess. Plus the team rewards are solid; about 2/3 of my clan has it and I just logged in to find 150 coins, 5 keys, and 2 silvers waiting, and we'll probably end the week with the rest of the rewards (5 more SS and 100 of each evolution material). It really adds up. New team has been building way slower. SS is 2 or 3 for everyone. Evolution materials are harder to come by. Fewer silver tickets each week. I only keep playing it because it's fun to have a team with Claude.

    But the good news for you folks without MPC! The snout bonus is infuriating. Getting 150 earns you the 3 SS totems. In the past week, I've killed every single pig and have finished at: 147, 149, 148, 145, 149, 147, and this morning, 149. It's definitely no coincidence.

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