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Looking for stong active clan

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Taylor, May 4, 2019.

  1. Taylor

    Taylor Hatchling

    Hello fellow bacon slayers,
    I am a loyal and dedicated player looking for an active clan. I’m currently level 87 with a team power of 46595. I compete in every event and contribute to the clan daily. I haven’t had very good luck finding a strong clan due to extremely high level requirements but I assure you, I would be a good addition to your team. I’m willing to participate in group chats if required and will be active daily unless I can’t for whatever reason. My name is DollaSign in the game and feel free to message me if you’d like more details!
  2. Tank

    Tank Tiny Birdy

    Pm sent
  3. Chibi Leh

    Chibi Leh Hatchling

    If you’re still looking, Royal Madness has open spots. Level 39 clan, top 25 in events.

    -86 xp per day (includes daily calendar xp)
    -Play daily mpdc runs
    -Complete your personal gold ticket in events, and push for 12k points to ensure the clan gold is met.
    -No arena requirements

    We have a vacation clan, Royal Insanity for when life gets messy, you may sit your account there and come back to the madness when you’re ready. We use discord to communicate, and we also have a Facebook page. Only need to join one (more communication happens in discord)

    If this sounds like a good fit for you, please post a picture of your game name and overall donations, as well as a picture of your previous event score if you have one.

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