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Looking for new clan

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Brett Mathiowetz, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Brett Mathiowetz

    Brett Mathiowetz Hatchling

    Hey guys. I'm level 77 and 25k+ best team. I'm a newer player, but play all the time and always max each event score or better. I donate regularly and I'm looking for a more organized clan with systematic donating to maximize buff impacts. Hit me up if you got a spot and want a dedicated and solid contributor.
  2. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    Hi..lvl 17 clan.. we have 1 spot available..
    Send a request to LL-Cool-Chicks
    Or DM me your ID and ill find you :D
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  3. Deja Dare

    Deja Dare Hatchling

    Do U have any pics of ur mp scores on hand? We have just started a new clan "Perfectionist". Check out our clan recruitment page to make sure U can meet our standards? What is ur Game name?
  4. Deja Dare

    Deja Dare Hatchling

    Our clan rules are doable, they're for hardcore Elite players check out our clan rules my name in here is Deja Dare I am co-leader. Perfectionist in clan recruitment page. What is ur game name?

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