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Looking for clan that gets most/all clan rewards.

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Gaxtin, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Gaxtin

    Gaxtin Hatchling

    I play every day...more than I should probably ;). I max personal rewards and am looking for a clan that does the same.

    I'm a rapidly rising level 88, with a 32k strength main team. I do insane. I'm in champion 1 pvp. MPDC, Events, etc...all max.

    I'm not a fan of social media etc, but am willing to join discord or line or whatever you require, so long as the clan actually gets all/most clan rewards.
  2. Gaxtin

    Gaxtin Hatchling

    I don't want to be a clan swapper. I appreciate the invite, but am in a similar level clan and am curious to know if you guys actually often get all clan rewards and keep clan rewards active.
  3. Gaxtin

    Gaxtin Hatchling

    Alright, i'm down to join and see how it goes this event to see if we're a match. My in game name is the same: Gaxtin
  4. Gaxtin

    Gaxtin Hatchling

    Yea, I wasn't donating for the first while I played with randoms. I didn't understand it helps me too. I do it daily now. Don't worry.

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