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London2 launch! Rare chance to link with top 10 clan London1!

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by AlexBoom, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. AlexBoom

    AlexBoom Hatchling

    Come and help us build London2 - and partner with top 10 clan London1!

    We are friendly, supportive, global, inclusive, active and competitive (without getting too heavy about it :))

    Enjoy the benefits of partnering with London 1:
    • Early (active) joiners over Easter will be thanked for their support with visits to London1 to collect all Event and Pecker rewards!
    • London2 receives regular XP investment visits from London1, to grow the clan faster
    • Joint London1 & London2 Discord channel - Get advice and discuss tactics with experienced players
    • Fast track to London1 for ambitious top scorers
    Do you want to get to the top? Looking for somewhere to build up your XP fast? An active player tired of being the only one contributing to your clan?
    We hope you'll consider us and look forward to welcoming you!

    Best wishes to all ABE players
    London1 & London2
  2. Goody77

    Goody77 Hatchling

    I would like to join your clan, very active, LVL 74 and climbing. ID goody77
  3. AlexBoom

    AlexBoom Hatchling

    Hi Goody
    You would be very welcome.
    I’ve sent you an invite and hope you’ll join us to find out more!
  4. I am a new player level 40 with almost 11k power and play every minute, I would like very much to join you!
  5. AlexBoom

    AlexBoom Hatchling

    Hi Gabriel
    How could we refuse someone who plays every minute
    Just come and join us in ABE - you’ll be very welcome
  6. kiwiloganalt

    kiwiloganalt Tiny Birdy

    I'd like to join, I'm very new but rising quickly. Level 21 in 4 days, insane mini dungeons, just need the odd bit of advice and decent chance to get 4* birds if possible. Currently getting more points than some lvl 90s. Same in-game name
  7. Dustin O

    Dustin O Hatchling

    Hey do you guys have any spots left to fill?
    Looking for good clan for me and another active player.
    I'm blackneon23 and ashmeh92 is my girlfriend we both active every day and donate daily been with another clan for months but could never get far in event prizes because clan wasn't active enough. Let me know if you need any info or anything else. Thanks
  8. EApatzer

    EApatzer Hatchling

    Sounds like I'd be perfect. Haven't been playing long, lvl 66 and claiming, already reached over 8000 trophies, very active everyday, need a clan that will let me claim faster, ID EApatzer
  9. AlexBoom

    AlexBoom Hatchling

    I’ve sent you an invitation EApatzer. Come and join us!
  10. AlexBoom

    AlexBoom Hatchling

    I’ve sent you both invitations. We’d love to have you both! We’re currently run by a husband and wife team so couple-friendly lol
  11. AlexBoom

    AlexBoom Hatchling

    Hi kiwi! We’re still growing so have space for you. If you want to play hard and catch up, you’re welcome to try! And always happy to advise. I’ve temporarily lowered the level entry requirement for you and sent you an invitation
  12. kiwiloganalt

    kiwiloganalt Tiny Birdy

    I'm stuck out of clan, won't let me back into l2 even though I meet requirements, says wait for pending request and won't do anything. What do I do?

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