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Level 81 thanksgiving event

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eben75, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. eben75

    eben75 Hatchling

    I m stuck at level 81 of the new event.
    I tried with the following : Hot Grease P6 Lil Pecker P6 Frost P4 Beast P3 and tried with Claude P6 lead or Hot Grease lead with Chuck P7 or Cold Turkey level 96 but I don’t manage to pass the third wave. There are some pigs that I don’t manage to control and the only toon that do significant damage is Hot Greese. Do you have any idea how to finish it ? I don’t know what to try now . Thank you for any help.
  2. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    I am about 10 levels behind you. The "2 Rocks of Hell" and the trumpet pigs are the worse this time. You need white birds, not just Hot Grease but also Capt Freedom. Lil Pecker and Frost are Crowd Control (CC) specialists that delay their attacks. Beast and Claude have no boost for this event and they should be out of the lineup unless you have no choice. Do you have Chuck? Chuck has some boost but he can get stuck between the 2 rocks and deflected by the train in the back. Ded5w1n (white) can come in handy but his effect lasts only 1 turn.
  3. eben75

    eben75 Hatchling

    I tried Chuck P7 but is not doing too much damage and you don’t control trajectory. Capt Freedom I have level 100. I m not sure about it as it have a narrow beam . I ll give it a try . Thank you . I have Matilda P7 but low damage too.
  4. eben75

    eben75 Hatchling

    Claude lead was for healing
  5. Lars

    Lars Tiny Birdy

    I'm stuck on lvl 77. These 5 healing pigs are to hard to kill.
  6. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    Waiting for eternity could be tactics at times with that railway cart in the back. If a pig is stuck there, let the cart does it tricks eventually.
  7. pafiq

    pafiq Tiny Birdy

    When run out of timer and pig definately will attack you next turn try to use attack to push it into railway. If lucky enough cart will brake attack animation and pig will reset with counter set on 1. Sometimes this tactics save me life and was able to finish level 80.
  8. Kimo

    Kimo Super Cool Bird

    I just finished Level 81 with this team:

    Master Beast (leader to give frost a boost) P5 ss8
    L'il Pecker P5 ss8
    Terrance (sumo) P3 ss7
    Frost P5 ss8
    Hot Grease P5 ss8 (chop chop)

    All these seem to just take patience. Let the trolly do its thing against the big pigs in the back (could take some waiting as @Epic Buttstomp mentioned). Once everything is settled down it seems that taking care of the little pigs is the first order of business. Terrance to open up the cluster a little bit. Frost to turn the main group around. Hot Grease to wipe out most of the little pigs and a lot of the medium sized ones as well. There should be enough room to use Pecker for the stun and then Beast for the shock. If you use Beast first, shocked pigs won't be stunned for the two turns that Pecker gives.
  9. Mr. Anderson

    Mr. Anderson Super Cool Bird

    After 3 days i just finished 81 as well.

    Hot mess as leader p6 ss 8 (gives chuck a boost)
    Freedom p4 ss7
    Chuck p10 ss10
    Frost p5 ss8
    Terrance p4 ss7

    Used this combo for the whole 3 days.. wonder if rovio has a pity filter to give you a won after 50 tries lol
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  10. Kimo

    Kimo Super Cool Bird

    Sometimes I think the same thing :)

    Just finished 83 with

    Hot Grease p5 ss8
    Terrance p3 ss7
    Cold Turkey p4 ss7
    Frost p5 ss8
    L'il Pecker p5 ss8

    Got really lucky this event. Hatched all 3 at 5x, 8x and 5x. I had so many yellow birds waiting to be used as evo materials that I was able to get Cold Turkey evo'd right away. Not very impressed with him as far as his usefulness but the buff has helped keep the team alive and the stink trail actually killed a behemoth pig that was ready to attack. whew!
  11. Kimo

    Kimo Super Cool Bird

    Finished 85 with same team

  12. Mr. Anderson

    Mr. Anderson Super Cool Bird

    Beat 82 through 85 fairly easily with the same team it took me 3 days to beat 81 on. Im ok if it was pity :)
  13. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    I am waiting for the mercy rule at 81.....
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  14. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    Rovio did (I think) gave me some mercy, got to 85 this morning..... There are some odd layouts and pig distributions that could take some luck along with time.
  15. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    85 was actually the easiest one i had in the 80's due to major lack of small pigs. Easy to stop the big guys when you can actually hit them... :D
  16. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    I had to upgrade my teams for level 81-85 to have enough health to compensate using frost and lil pecker
  17. feffe

    feffe Super Cool Bird

    I'm still stuck at level 78, must be up to like 70-80 tries by now, would love any "pity"-feature.. :)
    2 healing pigs, 4 (!) trumpet pigs and a bunch others small pigs in the first wave. Impossible to reach the trumpet pigs in the back, even with Chuck. Managed to beat the first wave a couple of times but then have no health left on wave two and clan health is always 2-3 turns away by then. No luck this time. Just didn't have good enough birds to finish this event I'm afraid, first since fan favourite I'm not able to finish. Have tried a bunch of different teams, but still no prevail. Max team health I can get this event is 130k.
    Desperately want to hatch a Lil Pecker next time around, think that will hopefully make my life easier in these events where I struggle to finish.
  18. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    For the first 3 waves maybe, Rovio random generator got me back with small pigs after that. Almost always get killed by that pig in the back. I think I need to get another Ded5w1n when he is available again.
  19. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    My Ultimate Control team finally beats lvl 85.
    1st order of business is getting Master Hot Grease as high as I can, lvl 100 may have to do. Then arena while waiting for new levels with Master Turkey.

  20. Greg Nixon

    Greg Nixon Motherflocker

    Bring on the extra levels, took down the first 85 on day one, quick play gets boring after a while lol

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