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Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Lenaj76, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    Should be there.. if its not ill send it again
    Im sending a dm here.
  2. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    If the player that sent an invite to us today is from here.. send me a DM please. Here or in Discord. Thanks!
  3. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    We will be Clan level 18 very soon :D... and will need atleast 5 new members! If you can meet our requirements send me a dm here or in Discord.
    My discord ID is Lena Lee#9659 :)
  4. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    Clan Rules:
    1.Be Active! Especially during events!
    2.Play MPDC everyday!
    3.Donate 300g to XP daily
    4. Event Minimums! (300 daily)
    *event minimums are to keep out freeloaders

    Must be level 75+ (will make some exceptions) & be able to play on insane.
    Anyone interested message here or send a game
    request to
    Or message me on discord - Lena Lee#9659

    * We use Discord for group chat..It is not currently required to join the chat but is encouraged.
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  5. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

  6. PigKilla

    PigKilla Hatchling

    LVL 19 and soon 20!! Amazing clan with all the perks and rewards AND a great group of friends to play with :D:D:D
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