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Legends Family looking for new members

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Petri Uusitalo, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Petri Uusitalo

    Petri Uusitalo Hatchling

  2. TaNiZiAcK

    TaNiZiAcK Tiny Birdy

    Looking for some members this week!!!
  3. TaNiZiAcK

    TaNiZiAcK Tiny Birdy

    [LF] Legends United & Legends Beyond are recruiting!

    We aren't *'Obnoxious'*, but we are good.
    We aren't *'Arrogant*, but we are good.
    We aren't *'Pay to Play'*, but we are good.
    We aren't *'give up your Real Life'* play, but we are good.

    We ARE Great Fun, highly organized, Fair to everyone and Winners!
    We ARE looking for members that like to earn rewards and do their part as team players.
    Basic clan stuff and we use Discord Chat.

    Come be Legendary! Cause in case you didn't notice, we are Good!

  4. Crazy adi

    Crazy adi Hatchling

    My name is guitar rock level 64
    Request Already sent
    Pls can I join always active
  5. Radu

    Radu Hatchling

    Hi, my name is "raduwizu". Lvl 61 active, is ther any way i can join one of the clans?

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