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Join Legends Forever Clan Family!

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by TaNiZiAcK, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. TaNiZiAcK

    TaNiZiAcK Hatchling

    HU3BR is Recruiting!!
    Join our clan Family, get Support, Tips & Tricks, Events and Levels for ALL players.

    Lord Alucard likes this.
  2. Lord Alucard

    Lord Alucard Hatchling

    I’d love to join. Got lucky with being an awesome clan but they kicked me for being low level. I have a good team at 23.8k power.
  3. TaNiZiAcK

    TaNiZiAcK Hatchling

    Lord Alucard come on over to our Discord Server, pre screening. We can get you set up with the right clan
    (there are 3 of them!).
  4. Muppet

    Muppet Hatchling

    I sent a request and you accepted me into the clan, after just 1 day you have kicked me out, can I ask why?
  5. TaNiZiAcK

    TaNiZiAcK Hatchling

    Because you are not reading game chat to see that you MUST be in our Discord server.
    I've messaged you a number of times all over the place to help you out Muppet. :)
  6. Meesters

    Meesters Hatchling

    Iam a beginner, bird power @10k, playing 3 weeks now.
    Need me?

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