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I've done the math for Flockabalooza

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AngryBastard, May 31, 2018.

  1. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    Yes. Players should contribute, but when the “deals” are 1$/€/£ and you get one silver, three berries, one rage and 100 diamonds why would you spend the money. You get nothing for that contribution. Respect goes both ways and that deal is an insult

    I am not concerned for me. I’m level 160+. The new player can not compete under the current format. Without new players this game is doomed
  2. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    I have 2 new players in the household, son started back in February an wife 2 months ago. They managed to survive well because I am the flock adviser and they only play the minimal in the story mode. They have 5-stars but not as many of the nice one as I could get from last June to the mid-September silver tickets nerf. MPDC they can go 8+ levels. Arena win rate is like 60-80% depending on the rules. Neither spent any $$. Son has plenty of iTunes cards as gifts over the years but the packages in IPads are just garbage compared to Android. Neither of them can go all 50 levels in this new event structure, just don't have enough good birds to do it. The drop rates of good birds are so bad these days even my son is not laughing!!! Another garbage bird.....

    This is what the Android packages usually look like. Price is Canadian.
    Package 1 $10.99: 5 silver tickets, 200 gems, 5 berries, 3 rage totems.
    Package 2 $20.99 10 silver tickets, 450 gems, 10 berries, 5 rage totems.
    Package 3 Free after 1+2: 2 gold tickets, 20 berries, 10 rage totems.
  3. Gildan

    Gildan Super Cool Bird

    I always hear people say that the drop rate on silver tickets/5-star birds/etc is so terrible now, but I started playing a bit after the (first) Halloween event/right before they started repeating the Core Flock events, which was well after the nerf on silver hatch tickets; I have 5 or more 5-star birds for every color except Black (only have 4 of those at present).

    I've never spent a dime on ABE (I actually can't because of how my Google account was set up), so every one of those came from resources I acquired just by playing the game - the problem isn't that 5-star birds are hard to acquire, it's that the mechanism to do so is random. Tripping over free premium tickets doesn't guarantee you better results in the hatching hut, spending loads of real world dollars doesn't either - at the end of the day, it's all just down to RNG. Money only ever smooths things along, which is clearly why we've been introduced to Elite birds or otherwise Event exclusives for people on the top of the leaderboards - now there is something for people to spend money on for a guaranteed result... provided they can outspend their fellow players.

    Things like the ridiculous lack of resources from event stages are a problem precisely because it makes us not want to use our scouts to do those, when the overarching system itself is designed so that we will want as many scouts as possible for event stages. Those two things are in direct opposition, we shouldn't ever feel like we are "wasting" scouts when we use them for the event, but that is in fact how everyone in my clan describes it when the topic is raised. 50xp and a stack of doodads and nothing else is why setting the milestones as high as they were initially, and to an extent still are now, is so ire-inducing, because now it's not only hard but it also actively screws you out of everything else you could be collecting instead.

    If we get another event with this system and they don't overhaul the reward system, people are going to leave in droves; this event has already led several long-time and very active players in my clan to quit the game entirely.
  4. SuzyQ

    SuzyQ Tiny Birdy

    Very well said. I absolutely agree with you. If Rovio thinks it can make it by keeping current event structure- they are foolish and lack business savvy. Sure the self proclaimed “top clans” may chase these ridiculous event rewards and spend money- they alone cannot float Rovio’s profits - the majority of players (including paying ones) will quit. And Rovio will fail.
  5. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Yup, Rovio has already proven this over & over, with this event just being the cherry on top.
    Any more ridiculous events like this will indeed kill the game for good.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
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  6. Tigerangels42038

    Tigerangels42038 Motherflocker

    Like wolf said i think they have proven that time and time again. Their business plans all seem to be short term and not thinking of what damage it will do further down the line.
    I agree players are going to leave in droves if the current event stays, i already have clan members that have stated they are quitting if Rovio doesnt change it next event. One of them put in a ticket asking why they had sucked all the fun out the game, they didnt reply... lol
    You are probably right, i need to stop reading flockers before coming on here, their attacking and negativity is infecting, its like a badge of honor if your a ftp player attacking a ptp player on there. Should maybe stop reading it all together, it would probably do wonders for my blood pressure lol
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  7. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    I truly suspect the "spokesperson" on ABE FB page is just another customer support that just pass down whatever messages he/she was told to post. After that just ignore us if we raise constructive complaints but answers to the harmless comments.

    Within hours of this stupid event starting, the scoring is already skewed beyond logic. Rovio's "highly involved players" have flown by 40K in event points. It they lower the score requirements to 10K, they will get hate messages from those "highly involved players" while getting cheered for us. Since we don't want to pay like those "highly involved players", we are ignored.
  8. SuzyQ

    SuzyQ Tiny Birdy

    Haha Tiger I so feel you on the Flockers comment. The page is so negative, childish and frankly idiotic that I may have to stop even my infrequent visits.
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  9. Witkacy [PL]

    Witkacy [PL] Super Cool Bird

    Tiger :)

    First of all... You misunderstood COMPLETELY my above comment... It was posted as the reply on your information about Rovio's sales strategy in GENERAL, not the judging you (and anyone else either in fact) on the subject of spending money by you and so others... Hell, it's totally up to you, gal if you decide to support them that way (or not) - it's YOUR money afterall...
    By adding some personal info about my habbits I've tried to picture myself as the person, who NOT being a freeloader all the time, cause I support with my hard earned money lots of various entities, including gaming companies as well, problem is that Rovio NOT being one of them... And being ''boastful'' is completely missed argument here... I've put a simple fact - of no supporting them - this not excites nor bothers me at all... So I might be unloyal then? But yet again - I CAN be very loyal if I wish to be and having the constant feeling of getting much respect towards me... The great example for this is IMFC (Iron Maiden Fan Club)... I have joined them in 1993 and year after year I pay my membership for 25 years by now, not for t-shirts I get for free, but to support FANTASTIC peps workin' there and helpin' fans... One time I've ordered some stuff through the IMFC shop, paid, got confirmation and details of despatching the package - top class service, I am tellin' you... Yet after wating the needed time it turned out that my package has been ''lost'' (read: has been STOLEN)... I've reported this sad fact to the guy from IMFC - got advised to wait a week more ''cause to be sure''... After the week has passed THEY contacted me with asking if anything has changed... No it's not... Still no package - I wrote... So I asked them if still having the stuff I've ordered... Yes, we do have... So I wish to re-order everything once more, yet this time please send it as delivered using UPS, DHL or any else - I'll cover all the costs... I know these ones for goods, yet please gimme the postal ones, okie?

    And you know what? They DIDN'T give me any... Saying there's NO WAY to pay once more as I ALREADY paid, yet didn't get my stuff... Not my fault, so NOT theirs as well... Yet they have sent me everything free of charge... Just like that... I didn't have to wait the eternity for reply, or hear ''we're sorry, but we can do nothing'' or ''no compensation can be made'' or whatever in that sort... And it wasn't just about VIRTUAL items...

    Back to game and Rovio then - it's FREE to play, isn't it? That means I CAN play it for free and no-one CAN say I am doing something wrong, cause this is ALLOWED... So there's no need to outrage about it and say things of no understanding of economics... I DO understand it so I try to invest my money well ;) Sure all the way aggree with supporting things we DO love and which are WORTH to support... It has to be the CHOICE of everyone... My choice in that particular matter is different than yours, Tiger as you do support them with your money (which is GREAT, truly), just hope you not regret it - it would be sad... As many other players who do the same is not quite satisfied with the fact of the changes being made, causing all (sure those who paying included) of getting less and less goods... Diamonds, Eagle's Mountain, events - you name it... The only difference between ''me'' and ''you'' is the fact that it not hurts me that much, as supposedly must hurt you...

    Lets assume something different for a while that this game as it is now is genuinely GREAT (as certainly Rovio thinks it is)... And you say there's a need to support it to keep it alive - ok, fine... Lets support it EVERYBODY with no exception - by making it ENTIRELY paid - for everything - from a to z - you need to advance the story? Sure, no problem - go ahead - but pay first, need stuff (mats, essence, whatever) - there's our little shop - help yourself out, need birds? The same... And so on and on... Question is: HOW MANY players would be interested to play the game in this format, would they think the game is STILL that great and the fact of being paid for everything would help the game or rather hurt?

  10. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    The biggest issue is that this game COULD be great for all types of players without much effort but Rovio is too dumb or scared to implement the proper changes or even try. They seem to think that if players are happy then they have done something wrong & are loosing out on $$
    And apparently that attitude of screwing players to try & save or gain an imaginary dime is way to prevalent in this company. It seems to be taught to the employees from day one...
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