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It's not all Black & White: A Request for Bird Help

Discussion in 'FAQ's' started by DivePhilippines, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. DivePhilippines

    DivePhilippines Tiny Birdy

    First, let me state the fact that having all 5* birds at Prestige L5 is not my priority. I have taken two 4* birds to L5 and pretty much kick butt in the arena now. What I am asking for is help as to what several steps I should be strongly considering and why. My primary issues are with my black & white teams.
    My L5 Carson is a beast and I like him a lot. Every SS hit in arena wipes out every pig. Dutch is good but I need to see more power from him and his cooldown is too high right now, making me use him for non SS start off shots. Someone recommended evolving Zain to the one I have and while his critical hits are massive, I am unimpressed with the AoE.
    I have a bunch of small, shiny evolved black birds for leveling up so:
    1) Should I continue with Dutch or start leveling up others?
    2) I see evolved Probotnik and Bomb birds in arenas and both seem utterly useless to me except the Bomb in military dress. Should I instead opt on leveling up another Carson and getting rid of either Probotnik or Bomb? Please explain why. I have no problem losing a crappy 5* I lieu of a good 4*.
    3) Thoughts on offing Zain and evolving the 2nd Carson along with Dutch, Dr. P, and Bomb?

    2017-10-21 22.00.44-730x410.jpg
    Right now I am close to getting Jacquie to level 100 and evolving her, after which I plan on continuing with Annie and then Matilda. Jacquie has been good as leader and pretty much takes out a lot. I like her wide AoE. Annie is powerful but AoE is not very wide.
    1) Should I consider leveling up another Annie, another Jacquie, or Jimmy in lieu of Freedom and/or Steve, neither of which seems to impress me in arenas? Jimmy has a low cooldown but I'm not sure if that is enough to have him replace a 5*. Steve upgrades PU's which I don't want helping arena opponents. As far as this helping me in other battles it would mean having Steve on my team which right now I can't see him replacing either Jacquie or Annie, or even Matilda for that matter.
    2) If consensus is to keep both Freedom and Steve, which would be priority after Matilda?
    3) If Annie, Jimmy, and Jacquie (weaker birds) are to be used for leveling up others should I evolve them first? This means, I think, 1400 tokens just to evolve birds to use for leveling and I'm not sure if the advantage over using lower star shiny evolved birds is great enough to make it worthwhile.
    4) If you had the above white birds, which would be the 5 you keep for your all white team?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. VeronicaVaughnV

    VeronicaVaughnV Super Cool Bird

    First of all what are these all single color teams for? Only Dungeons? Or do you play Pvp with all the same colored team for some reason?
    If the teams are for dungeons ONLY your best bet is to simply use as many 5 star birds as you need and level them up to get to “insane” level dungeons. If you don’t have enough 5 stars then use your highest leveled 4 stars instead. Dungeons do not require strategy like Pvp so you just want to get your total bird power to 17,500 as quickly as possible which is easier with 5* birds. The only possible exception to this would be Carson, as having him in the Lava Dungeon will bring fans and ultimately more coins overall.
    If these teams are for Pvp why are you insisting on having 2 separate colored teams? Mixed teams are used for a reason, different color birds have different abilities and you should always use this to your advantage.
    You have many different questions but many of them have (in my opinion) the wrong priorities. For example who to level up after Jacque is a moot point, before you worry about Jacque you should absolutely get Matilda prestiged with Magnetize Evolution!
    If the purpose of these questions is to get the best PvP team I can tell you exactly who I PERSONALLY THINK would be the best team using the birds you have shown.
    Leader: white bird (doesn’t matter which, it will give all 3 of the white birds I am about to list for your team a 30% damage boost, which can be huge if you use it correctly)
    Annie, Jimmy, Matilda, Carsen, Dutch all leveled AT LEAST PAST 80 (preferably prestiged to lvl 5 of course).
    Use Annie first, then Jimmy with is SS timer of 1 and preferably the Strong Evolution SS. Jimmy is only a 4 star but with the 30% damage boost and a Rank 6 (at least) SS he can take out at least one pig (sometimes all it depends). His KO’ing a pig will give Matilda 75% damage bonus so use her SS after Jimmy. After that use Carsen or Annie depending on the layout of the pigs. Dutch is there for his 5* health and possible help with combo hits...
    It would take forever to explain exactly why this would make a great Pvp team, compared to other combinations, but IF you have the birds I listed leveled up enough and use them in the order I suggested, I can basically promise you that it will because I have almost every bird you have listed and I have played the others enough on a friends account to know their skills. Also you might want to keep the birds you are not necessarily using now instead of using them to level up other birds because they may come in quite handy later!

    When it comes to Pvp teams star levels are not EVERYTHING but 5 star birds are important for their health. However you don’t need all 5 to be 5 star if you are strategical. For example I currently have a total of five 5* black birds in my inventory and there are ZERO 5* black birds on my Pvp team because Carsen is simply that much more effective. (I have multiples of every 4 star).
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  3. DivePhilippines

    DivePhilippines Tiny Birdy

    I guess my post is a little vague and also lacking info. But your reply pretty much addressed some of my issues. Although my team is only a little over 24K I am able to beat the pigs in all color areas on insane level, which is around 38K. Dungeons are a breeze on Hard but only black is close to reaching Insane level. That leaves PvP battles. Right now I have Level 93 Jacquie as leader for the fan boost, L5 Carson, L5 Bette, Level 70 Dutch, and Level 69 Annie and I am winning over 80% of battles, maybe even 90%. I guess my post was really trying to determine if leveling up some of the 5* birds I have is worth it. It is so hard to get 5* birds that I feel using them for leveling material is almost a sin. If I had a ton of inventory space I'd probably just keep all my 5* birds, eventually leveling them up for achievement purposes.

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