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It's impossible to collect 250 items unless you use gems

Discussion in 'FAQ's' started by breaknife, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. breaknife

    breaknife Hatchling

    Markup_Screenshot_2017-08-13-19-24-58-076_AB Evol.jpg I've been playing almost all the time, but it's still not enough, and I can't do without gems.
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  2. gmoney

    gmoney Super Cool Bird

    I recommend saving berries while events are not going on. With normal sleep (no alarms to use scouts) I am at 193. I have used 15 berries. Probably would be fine if i used 8-10. And i collect those for free from chests. So it is doable without gems.
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  3. breaknife

    breaknife Hatchling

    thank you for your recommend. Thats right if berries is enough. Get more berries is important....
  4. Vivek

    Vivek Super Cool Bird

    you're just a noob
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  5. gmoney

    gmoney Super Cool Bird

    That was completely uncalled for, if you dont have something constructive to provide, just dont say anything at all.
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  6. Gibson

    Gibson Tiny Birdy

    Excuse me, will they give us extra time to claim the rewards?
  7. gmoney

    gmoney Super Cool Bird

    Normally, there is a 24 hour grace period for you to claim and then still have the multiplier. There was a bug with the Dr. P event where if you had the exact amount at the end of the event (like 250 exactly) you would not be able to claim. I think they fixed that though.
  8. Gibson

    Gibson Tiny Birdy

    Thank u, appreciate your answer
  9. breaknife

    breaknife Hatchling

    yes,Im realy noob now,but I do my best become a PRO.
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  10. breaknife

    breaknife Hatchling

    2017-08-14_09_43_59.jpg \
    This is my team
    I play the game less than 2 months
    I say that because sometimes the opponents are too strong
    Sometimes Im so angry
    That is all
  11. RyogaDyana

    RyogaDyana Super Cool Bird

    actually in such situation you have to do calculation~ if you need to spend less than 1350 gem (to purchase scout restore) or just a little more then go for it, you will get 10x ticket (which worth 1350 gem itself) and extra scout missions which may award extra resources especially premium tickets and berries.
  12. breaknife

    breaknife Hatchling

    This is right way
    very true:D
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  13. mwsupra

    mwsupra Hatchling

    Yea they did fix that. I had 250 exactly and was able to claim.
  14. Nevermore

    Nevermore Tiny Birdy

    I managed to get the 250 with about 10 seconds left. There was NO grace period for the last event... (which wasn't announced until the day before it ended) so I got the 250 but wasn't quick enough to get the X10 tickets.
    I'm glad I didn't drop $30 for the "deal" thinking I had 24 hours to get another bird.
  15. Angrybirds111

    Angrybirds111 Tiny Birdy

    The grace period was include in the timer for the last event...we actually got and extra day for the fragments

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