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ISO: Active Clan.

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by [Eph.6] Silver, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. [Eph.6] Silver

    [Eph.6] Silver Hatchling

    So my personal clan didn't make it, my members from another game ditched out, they didn't like the game, and people here are not looking to join and level a new clan.

    I am level 50+ I have finished every event so far, and this week I got the 1st prize in MPDC for clan all by myself hahah...
    I only have one 5☆ bird (Dr. Probotnic) but I quick battle insane (8500) battles.
    Once I realized the power level for battle went up with the progress in the campaign, I stopped playing campaign. (So not very far in campaign if that is is a problem I am not sure)
    My current power is 13k+ my current birds are 2 black and 3 white, (but may change if I get the next event bird.)

    What I expected out of a guild, is active players who help to get higher rewards in MPDC and Events.
    Friendly, preferably able to speak english, even broken english is okay.
    Not vulgar or profane, I have a 10 year old I sometimes let play my account and I will leave any guild that allows profanity or vulgar discussions.

    Thanks 2018-03-25 21.23.09.png

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