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Discussion in 'Strategies & Guides' started by Pig Crusher, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Grumpychef25

    Grumpychef25 Hatchling

    For my 85 Murphy, I hit the 1600 gem mark and quit, for the 50, I hit the 800 gen mark and quit. I watched him the whole time so he didn't use too many gems.
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  2. Slick2017

    Slick2017 Hatchling

    Really not a good tip. It doesn't in fact it seemed to work ok first time but second time around nah....
  3. Shawn Musgrove

    Shawn Musgrove Hatchling

    Ive found good results by going down the line one door after the other. I
    Won over a thousand gems in one sitting. For the most part its random but i still get jipped sometimes. Still ive only gone to level 39.
  4. Bird burd

    Bird burd Hatchling

    I also think the multiplier is random, ive gotten the same reward 3 times in a row without hitting the mulitplier, also gotten 3x 3 times in a row with the same reward.

    There is no pattern. Its chance. My suggestion is to take a minute or two beforehand to clear your mind of all thoughts. Once you are in a calm focused state, begin. Pick the first door you notice. Dont think. Notice the same door twice? Pick it. Be careful though, your mind can trick you into picking one other than the one you first saw.

    And if esp doesnt work, just go until you make a profit with gems then quit. The daily mission gives 20 gems, same as the cost of the first wrong door. Second error is 50, and its pretty easy to get 70 gems before 2 wrong doors.
  5. HeroBird

    HeroBird Super Cool Bird

  6. Christy

    Christy Tiny Birdy

    I do the same thing!
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  7. Slick2017

    Slick2017 Hatchling

    Holy crap! I haven't even managed to get lvl 20!
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  8. The Butcher

    The Butcher Hatchling

    I let my cat pick. He has better luck than I do.
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  9. HeroBird

    HeroBird Super Cool Bird

  10. rafidi

    rafidi Super Cool Bird

    Hahahhaha guys it's random....I tried today and pig appeared 4 times consecutively behind the same door!! Lol
  11. Sh4d0w

    Sh4d0w Hatchling

    My strat to easyly reach lvl 30 + with making profits in terms of gems 6 times out of 7 until now ( i'm a new player playing for a week ) is the following:
    1 of the door will move ( then after a moment another one and so on ). So my thought is the pig is behind at the right moment the door is moving. ofc, he won't stay nicely there and will move. Basically, what i thought is if i click on a door which is separated by another door from the door which is moving the pig won't have the time to reach it. thus said, we have now to consider that the doors are actually in a circle, so the door right to the extrem right door is actually the extrem left one.
    As i said, for me it worked 6 times out of 7, knowing that the one which failed was my first attempt. Best i reached is 47, i never spent more than the 200 gems marks on it though, . Hope it will be understandable and helpful.
  12. Sh4d0w

    Sh4d0w Hatchling

    and i forgot to say, it's a matter of speed, if you're too slow, it won't work. btw, if you're too slow, to click it,or if you're not sure about which one actually moved, just wait the next time it moves. the more you'll progress the more your eyes could possibly get you wrong. don't hesitate to take a little break at any moment if you start getting trouble focusing, seeing the door distinclty.
  13. Le Rob

    Le Rob Hatchling

    It's rigged like all gambling. When was the last time you actually got evolution essence before level 20? Like I can see the essence every level starting at 2 and I just "happen" to never open that? Okay.......
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  14. Kenv

    Kenv Super Cool Bird

    You do realize that Rovio reads this forum & will program the game to negate any tips that did/ may work to avoid the pigs, right?? lol
  15. Ryu Yagami

    Ryu Yagami Hatchling

    The only pattern I've found is this...

    The pig appears on the left side and on the next floor appears right side

    For example

    the doors would be (from the left to the right)
    1 - 2 left side
    3 - 4 right side
    1st floor no pig
    Floor 2 Pig on door 2
    Floor 3 Pig on door 3 or 4
    Floor 4 Pig on door 1 or 2
    Floor 5 no pig
    Floor 6 Pig on door 1
    Floor 7 Pig on door 1
    Floor 8 Pig on door 3
    Floor 9 Pig on door 2
    Floor 10 There is no pig

    Usually with this pattern I've reach the 25th floor and only using 170 gems.
  16. Jeff Williams

    Jeff Williams Hatchling

    My strategy is to turn the sound up and do it without looking. It seems that I always pick wrong if I look. If you listen, the pigs make different sounds if you almost hit them. At that point, I switch thumbs and go to the other end. Sometimes it works, not always but better than anything else Ive tried. Yes I do think there may be some sort of pattern.

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