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Is Dutch any good?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Godlyman, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Godlyman

    Godlyman Tiny Birdy

    I just got a Dutch during an event a few weeks back. I read a few thread and most comment seems to say that he is one of the best black bird.

    So I upgraded him to LV76 SS Rank 4 with huge upgrade.
    But I was quite disappointing with his damage output.
    His ss can do less than 3000 damage. So he can only kill full health pig when hitting them from the back.
    Consider his counter is 4, this is very much a joke.
    At which LV would he start becoming some what "useful"?
  2. vincent.123

    vincent.123 Hatchling

    lvl80 with ss lvl 7
  3. Godlyman

    Godlyman Tiny Birdy

    Got him to Lv94 SS Rank 5 he is still useless :(
  4. putte

    putte Super Cool Bird

    Prestige lvl5 and ss rank 9.
  5. LynnaLou

    LynnaLou Hatchling

    He is one of my favorite birds! I like him way better then bomb, I've been very disappointed with bomb! :(
  6. Aron S Quiter

    Aron S Quiter Hatchling

    Dutch is good in that his hits drop at a 10x multiplier for your crit. Hit 4 guys with one hit and your next bird hits at +75%. That's awesome.
  7. Godlyman

    Godlyman Tiny Birdy

    upgraded him to P3 SS Rank 6
    Start to become somewhat "usable" o_O
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  8. Godlyman

    Godlyman Tiny Birdy

    I agree Bomb is pretty useless. :D
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  9. Buds

    Buds Super Cool Bird

    P.5 and he still does good damage for nearing 5000 damage, even at SS 4.

    DUCK NORRIS Super Cool Bird

    I wish I had the chance to take advantage of that 75% increased attack but often times the match ends before you get to take another shot after him. You have to get the SS reduce pig that is the only way =(

    DUCK NORRIS Super Cool Bird

    Have you got him at rank 9? If so could you attach a screenshot with his damage please....
  12. Godlyman

    Godlyman Tiny Birdy

    For me Dutch is very much useless is PVP and here is why.
    I got 2 Chucks 1 Matilda, most of the time I can finish off a match with in 2 turns.
    Dutch counter is 3 so ... well as I said ... useless ... :p

    But Dutch can be useful in daily challenge though.
  13. Dan1212

    Dan1212 Super Cool Bird

    he's good for his 5 star health and the daily . You can use him in pvp but if only the rounds last that long. I'd recommend huge evolution for pvp and lots of supershot upgrades. Go extra combo dutch if you want to build him for daily instead.
  14. Renato

    Renato Tiny Birdy

    measuring Dutch's "usefulness" needs to be taken into context with his being a black bird. And assuming the usefulness you mean is for the meta for PVP.
    PVP requires either a chuck / thrash or weaker bird with ss 1
    Then it requires birds with ss 2 that can clear board. This is what establishes Matilda's fame.
    After that the goal is to have birds continue to clear board consistently, and even ideally, on AI.

    How does Dutch fit into this? Within PVP alone, Dutch (black bird) may be even more useful than Matilda in clearing the 3 pig arena in PVP. Being able to place behind large pig at full health at average combo. Aside this, Matilda clearly has greater range. Matilda aside; Black bird Dutch has more AOE than other White birds. Therefore there will be statistically, significant amount of scenarios where white birds (aside matilda) and black birds (aside carson) will not be able to clear the board.

    In my opinion Dutch is can be considered an End game bird and part of an ideal team (aside a Claude team). He functions as a cleaner / closer after your ss1 and ss2 birds do their thing (ideally Chuck and Matilda). The only other black bird that can fill that role is Carson; gaining even more AOE that can clear boards that even Matilda Magnet cannot (there are few but these pig placement scenarios do surface) at the cost of health.

    So yes he is useful; and yes he is one of the best black birds, i personally think tied with carson depending on preference of health / aoe

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