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[IMPROVEMENTS] Give your ideas for Angry Birds Evolution here !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HeroBird, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. HeroBird

    HeroBird Super Cool Bird

    Add 'Mighty Eagle Mountain' Dungeon

    Quarantee PREMIUM chest
    Quarantee super egg (random colour)
    Gold - (like others - depent on difficulty)
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  2. Paintbeast

    Paintbeast Hatchling

    Hello all! Brand new to the game and the forum. Haven't read through this entire thread yet, so forgive me if this has been mentioned. The very first thing that sticks out to me after playing for a couple days- the level up/evolution interface needs a sort function. Even something as simple as "show only a specific color bird".
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  3. Mickey Atkins

    Mickey Atkins Super Cool Bird

    I don't know how far you have gotten, so just gonna say it does sort of have that. Certain Bird's only drop in specific areas. Also for the Dungeons you can only use Birds of a specific color for each one. Also try not to go too fast in the Story line. If your Birds aren't strong enough you can get stuck like I did. Just keep leveling your Birds so they are strong. Also for the dungeons your going to need 5 Birds of the same color for each one. Not sure if any one told you all that yet. Wish I had known sooner. I'm still stuck. So I'm trying to level my Bird's up more. Anyway Hugs and have Fun.
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  4. Paintbeast

    Paintbeast Hatchling

    You misunderstood my post. I want a sort function when LEVELING. For example- if I'm leveling a 4* yellow, it would be nice to only see the other yellows in my inventory instead of having to scroll through everything.
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  5. Paintbeast

    Paintbeast Hatchling

  6. Mickey Atkins

    Mickey Atkins Super Cool Bird

    I see what your saying. However I think the closest you can get is selling the other Birds. Then adding the new ones you want in the order that you want. Though I don't think that is the best option. LOL Still Hugs and have Fun.
  7. HeroBird

    HeroBird Super Cool Bird

    Split birds by colours in invertory (or stars)
    also increase space to 250 or more
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  8. RyogaDyana

    RyogaDyana Super Cool Bird


    by the way, just wonder, why don't you level up the rest of your team besides dutch? you obviously got enough resources..
  9. Jeuman

    Jeuman Super Cool Bird

    Fix story mode.
    it's terrible that because I did well in the story I can only do easy battles for little reward. it will take months before I can do insane.
    solution: scale the rewards so that story progression dictate the reward you are getting. then it's not a broken game where you either stop after red area and stay there forever. or feel like the game is crap for punishing me immensely for doing well in the story.
  10. Barremito

    Barremito Tiny Birdy

    More scouts, and improve the rewards when you get a New level, i Just win 30 gold or 2 evo mats, it's ridiculous
  11. Picto

    Picto Hatchling

    Better levelling rewards
    4th Scout or lower timers
    More logic in the trophies you win/lose in PVP
    Easier events (seriously, two first places and I still barely scraped into 250)
    Stop moving birds around when you throw them into the levelling grinder.
    Option to show/hide shiny birds when throwing said birds into the grinder
    Give Captain Justice a better supershot
    Improve the selling feature, it shouldn't take 3 clicks to sell 1 bird each time.
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  12. Giovanni

    Giovanni Super Cool Bird

    Would be cool if they added a mission that had unlimited waves to see how many you could last.
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  13. Runyon

    Runyon Tiny Birdy

    I like the idea but a five star might be a little too ambitious
  14. FF50

    FF50 Tiny Birdy

    Why can't we send a bird gift to friends or trade with them. It Would be more exciting if we can do that don't you think! :)
  15. putte

    putte Super Cool Bird

    Make that hard level somewhat in between normal and insane. As for me its 14000-32500-38250 now
    Better rewards for bosses.
    The posibillity to give the opponent a hug, or such....
    New server, or whatever.

    And of course, fix this very strange campaign gameplay. A normal game gives you rewards for proceeding. This is the opposite.
    Plz, that cant be meant from the beginning. Theres absolute no reason for it. It makes me frustrated. And I guess all others too.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
  16. WUJM509

    WUJM509 Hatchling

    【Weekly Dungoen】
    Drop probability:
    【Easy 1%】【Normal 2%】【Hard 3%】【Crazy 5%】
    reward 4 star bird

    【Monthly Dungoen】
    Drop probability:
    【Easy 0.25%】【Normal 0.5%】【Hard 1%】【Crazy 2%】
    reward 5 star bird
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  17. HeroBird

    HeroBird Super Cool Bird

    Drop probability is too low
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  18. Nana

    Nana Super Cool Bird

    The dungeon idea is good tho, would enjoy something like that.....with longer waves
  19. gem37

    gem37 Hatchling

    I would love an endless wave function where the further you get the more rewards you gain and you can only do it once a day or something like that
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  20. Ady Pritch75

    Ady Pritch75 Hatchling

    Sort out game glitches,golden eggs to give birds 4 stars and upwards.....and when you level up the 30 coin reward sucks. Also make it easier to evolve 4 and 5 star birds,put in more Islands aswell. One more thing.....an hour to regenerate a scout.....please reduce the time to atleast 15 or 20 minutes as not able to play for long.
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