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I Need Your Help.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Giovanni, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Giovanni

    Giovanni Super Cool Bird

    Our dog Simba is a 3 year old Chow Chow who had just got diagnosed with liver cancer by our vet a few days ago. We desperately need help from anyone who can donate to save our dog. He's still very young and we'd do anything to keep him alive. Thank you guys, God bless.

    Help our dog?
    Link- https://www.gofundme.com/simbas-tumor
    (Small donations help)
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  2. Nana

    Nana Super Cool Bird

    So sorry :(
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  3. Giovanni

    Giovanni Super Cool Bird

    It won't be the same without him.
  4. Nana

    Nana Super Cool Bird

    It never is, they are members of the family. I'm taking care of a sick dog also and I wouldn't give her up for anything
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  5. Giovanni

    Giovanni Super Cool Bird

    Well our dog may only last 1 week. Simba is not eating and can barely walk. :(
  6. Giovanni

    Giovanni Super Cool Bird

    If you can't donate. Please pray for my dog Simba before we have to put him down.
  7. Giovanni

    Giovanni Super Cool Bird

    Tomorrow we are bringing Simba to the hospital to put him down because he is suffering. Thanks everyone if you prayed for him.
  8. RyogaDyana

    RyogaDyana Super Cool Bird

    very sorry to hear that Gio :(
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  9. IncognitoPig

    IncognitoPig Tiny Birdy

    I'm so sorry for this to happen to you
    I had to deal with the same thing last year on june
    my dog had cherry eyes and a tumor and we had to put him down and the worst part is that when my family got to the vet he was wagging his tail because he was happy I used to not really go outside to play with him and that made me even sadder because he loved us very much and would always bark at strangers to "keep us safe" and I couldn't even bother to go outside to pet him... :(
    even though they may no longer be with us they'll always love us
    and to this day I regret not spending enough time with him
    I hope you feel better because losing anyone is horrible and I can't imagine what it's like for you.
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  10. Nana

    Nana Super Cool Bird

    So sorry :(
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  11. Diablo

    Diablo Tiny Birdy

    So Gio, I have 5 dogs myself.
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  12. putte

    putte Super Cool Bird

    Been there, done that for 2 times by now. Hate it every time. Those innocent poor eyes staring at you.... Damn, I really hate it..... Those fantastic creatures giving such hope that every human in the world should follow. Especially those that ruin the world in one way or another. Not going in to poitics now....:(
    Im not a believer in any way, but tears comes no matter what...
  13. Barry

    Barry Super Cool Bird

    My heartfelt condolences.
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  14. Brybrown37

    Brybrown37 Hatchling

    Hey ........ I am a very out going person !!!!

  15. brian cook

    brian cook Tiny Birdy

    i'm sorry you had to go through this.
    i hope you can find the peace of knowing you did the right thing.
    as much as it sucks, sometimes the kinder thing is to let them go, than go to extreme measures to keep them around with diminished quality of life. animals only understand that they hurt, and can't make the choice to endure it in the hopes of recovery.
    the memories should be of when they were happy and well, not when they were suffering.

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