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HUSARES - looking for active players

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Bluebird2, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Bluebird2

    Bluebird2 Hatchling

    Husares has open slots - join now and get event rewards. We finished the last event with over 12 hours to go, down to members - so we are looking to fill those spots before the next event. Everyone reached the personal x10.

    We are an active and communicative Level 13 clan, looking for like minded daily players. We finish 1st in most events. We have active chats in Discord and in game.

    Our clan has a variety of different level players as we strongly believe in solidarity, and being supportive with newer players is part of the game and the fun ;)! (Sharing is caring )

    Unfortunately lately some of our most experienced players have quit the game, so veterans looking for a relaxed atmosphere while aiming to share their experience and still enjoying the thrill of the occasional friendly competition are more than welcomed! Like everybody else !

    We are Husares, contact Bluebird or Granny, or send join request in app.

    We would love to add you, please join our recruit site https://discord.gg/VmxPuHr

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