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How is this possible?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VisibleGhost, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. VisibleGhost

    VisibleGhost Super Cool Bird

    Only 2 of us! Cool!:rolleyes:o_O
  2. Barry

    Barry Super Cool Bird

    It will change...;)
  3. VisibleGhost

    VisibleGhost Super Cool Bird

    Damn! It changed at next battle. Shouldn't have battled. Impossible to out win lvl 85 players.
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  4. IncognitoPig

    IncognitoPig Tiny Birdy

    are prestige totems good? I sold out 2 and now i'm left with 1
  5. VisibleGhost

    VisibleGhost Super Cool Bird

    Prestige totem is for leveling up lvl 99 birds. It will be long time before they come into use. I sold 5 and still have 4-5 left. You will keep getting them so no need to stock up.
  6. aux80

    aux80 Super Cool Bird

    Once you get your 4* or 5* bird to level 100, you can level them up 5 more times using Prestige Totems.

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