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Hatching chance multiplier going down (After the game restart)

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Support' started by Le_Brewster, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Le_Brewster

    Le_Brewster Hatchling

    My hatching chance multiplier went down. It was x6 and after being in the background app. I open it again and te game restarted. I notice that my chance multiplier went down to x4.

    Latest iOS
    IPhone 6
  2. Ottotinne

    Ottotinne Tiny Birdy

    When it became 6x did you hatch more than 10 eggs?
  3. Le_Brewster

    Le_Brewster Hatchling

    Yes I did. I pop a 10 premiums tickets pack and a few single premiums tickets
  4. Ottotinne

    Ottotinne Tiny Birdy

    I guess it couldn't save the game. Are the birds you hatched from the 10x premium ticket are still in your inventory?
  5. SquawkTron

    SquawkTron Super Cool Bird

    Sorry to hear that incident happen to you, man.
  6. Le_Brewster

    Le_Brewster Hatchling

  7. Ottotinne

    Ottotinne Tiny Birdy

    There has must be a problem with the saving of the Chance's. I am a game devleoper and i kinda get these things. Everygame is buggy. There is linited games that aren't buggy. Like name me a game that has no bugs. You can name short games but not as long as angry birds evolution. Sorry to hear that it didint save the hatch chance.. At least you got the birds :)
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