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Halloween Event...AGAIN!?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ByThePrickingOfMyThumb, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. The banner showing what is next just appeared, and apparently the Most Metal Halloween Ever is coming in 1 day, 23 hours. Again.
    Is this happening, or is it a mistake by the devs? Hand slip on the mouse button in the event loading list, maybe?
  2. Also...I clicked on Eddie's picture in the drop down display, and it showed that even though I already have an Eddie The Bird, he's locked again...so I would have to get him AGAIN, to have a chance at Metal Byron!? C'mon Rovio that's pretty dirty, even for you.
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  3. Vivek 007

    Vivek 007 Tiny Birdy

    Unless they buff blue Annie, no one is going to be interested in this event, especially after spending so much resources to get chuck. Maybe a mistake too
  4. Ray Estrella

    Ray Estrella Super Cool Bird

    I won't use a single extra ticket for this one, yet alone pay for more. I don't care about Depressed Annie...
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  5. Kiteflyer

    Kiteflyer Super Cool Bird

    Probably a place holder. It happens... like the pity counter in the hatchery last week
  6. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    I know it says Halloween but seriously it will not be Halloween again. There will be a new update between now and then.
  7. 0lty

    0lty Tiny Birdy

    What to do if allready have Eddie, Metal Byron and Blue Annie ?! :) ...
  8. ADBjester

    ADBjester Tiny Birdy

    Bank the tickets.
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  9. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    Enjoy the next two weeks I guess
  10. 0lty

    0lty Tiny Birdy

    Great ...
  11. Mighty Red

    Mighty Red Tiny Birdy

    On the ABE facebook, it says they are actually doing another Eddie event. But I feel like this one is probably acting as a placeholder instead of the normal pirate bay thing. Probably won’t be two weeks long either.
  12. Didn't got Eddie in the last event, I'm not goin to participate due to his dis advantage.
  13. metztli013

    metztli013 Super Cool Bird

    Yeah, "back by popular demand." I'm gonna go ahead and call BS on that lol =P And good god I hope it doesn't last 2 weeks. That was torture!
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  14. Dunkleys

    Dunkleys Tiny Birdy

    I agree totally.
  15. SuzyQ

    SuzyQ Tiny Birdy

    Ugh. It’s on their Facebook page. “Back by popular demand?” What demand? And the Eddie event just happened and went on forever....maybe they need to pay off the licensing deal with Iron Maiden. Although I agree with you guys bank the tickets. I got zero love with last event- was up to 16x and not one 5* - event or non event. The multiplier is bogus- lots of folks got red at 2x. So frustrating.
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  16. Bad Person

    Bad Person Tiny Birdy

    If you get any, haven't gotten any from scouts last 2 days
  17. Kiteflyer

    Kiteflyer Super Cool Bird

    Do the same I do for any event where I already have the bird. Enjoy the heaps better drops on regular tickets and see what I scare up off the silvers
  18. Prince Playboy

    Prince Playboy Super Cool Bird

    Well, it'll still be a good chance to get one free gold tix. In this event, when it was first launced, I managed to get eddie twice, and I rooted to get blue annie, but failed. Now, I'm not into them anymore. I'll just collect the tickets and other rewards.
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  19. Paganini

    Paganini Super Cool Bird

  20. Buds

    Buds Super Cool Bird

    "Back by popular demand"?
    Who even said he was good to begin with..?
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