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Geraldine "Science Evolution" Super Shot

Discussion in 'Strategies & Guides' started by Coruja__, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Coruja__

    Coruja__ Hatchling

    Hello, someone can explain how her super shot works?
    I dont know if it is a translation error but in portuguese her power description say if it hit a "fan" or kill a pig, the audience run "like crazy" doing xxx additional damage to all enemies. Killing a pig directly dont trigger it, i dont know what i need to get the additional damage.

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  2. gmoney

    gmoney Super Cool Bird

    I thought you had to have a rockstar as lead, but that still doesnt work. I think she is just broken.
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  3. Coruja__

    Coruja__ Hatchling

    I just opened a thread on bug session. Thanks!
  4. Ron Sto}

    Ron Sto} Hatchling

    I have the same issue just spent a lot of gems for the evolution and does not matter if Geraldine is the leader or not but it seems t he damage is same as before.

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