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Discussion in 'FAQ's' started by Leroy, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Leroy

    Leroy Hatchling

    so... i had about 6k gems saved. But earlier today, my daughter spilled cranberry juice on our carpet. Ughhhhhhh right? So i laid my ipad down to clean that (which i was playing this at the time) and my 1 year old must have got on my ipad. Bc 4 k gems were gone but 20k coins were added to my purse. I sent Rovio a mssg about this but how come i have a feeling this will not get resolved?
  2. Henrique B.

    Henrique B. Hatchling

    It won't. I've opened a ticket about a similar problem and their response was that "there's nothing they can do since it's not a bug, but the expected behavior of the game".
    I've suggested they put a confirmation dialog on the gold buying page, but it seems it hasn't happened.
  3. Leroy

    Leroy Hatchling

    Yeah, they didnt sadly. First response, she told me to take it up with Apple bc they handle in app purchases, where i had clearly stated it was gems not money, thus Rovio. So i told her to read the whole message, and she replied again saying what you said about no bugs. This is kind of ridiculous. And why no confirmation like everything else in the game. Big time greed? Lol
  4. Leroy

    Leroy Hatchling

    So, i dumped 25 tickets, a hatch 10, and 1350 gems and just some 4 stars no 5 stars. Carson, jimmy, brenda and trey
  5. Cowboysfan

    Cowboysfan Tiny Birdy

    You should contact Apple/Google about this.

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