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Game keeps stalling and getting stuck

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by NYR144, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. NYR144

    NYR144 Hatchling

    the game keeps stalling and not letting me take my next turn. It’s happening in the iron madden event. This is killing my turns and making me lose games that I should of won. I want that master beast and of this keeps up it won’t happen. I’m on lvl 76 and if I didn’t get frozen I would have him already. Please fix this. I want my master beast.
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  2. Botemacher

    Botemacher Hatchling

    Yeeeess it is true ...killing me
  3. zampinio

    zampinio Hatchling

    same here i get stuck in lvl80 in event,it freeze during lvl
  4. Nanach

    Nanach Hatchling

    Same here ! I've been wasting all my energy on level 77
  5. Obesity

    Obesity Hatchling

    I try over 20 times lvl 77. So idiotic

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