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Game freezing upon level completion

Discussion in 'Bugs, Issues & Support' started by Jeff Williams, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Jeff Williams

    Jeff Williams Hatchling

    Probably 2 times out of 5 recently when I finish a level the game freezes and I have to restart the app losing everything that I won. Its getting really frustrating. Ive lost premium hatch tickets, gems, gold, trophys and keys because it doesnt aknowledge that I beat the levels.
  2. Wintermute

    Wintermute Tiny Birdy

    Yeah known problems, reported, and here is what their support person Luke (Rovio Support Team) said to me on
    Request #1839947:
    We cannot do anything about this issue since this is the decision our Game Team has made. Our hands are tied in this matter, unfortunately.

    Now for a company that just went public, this may not be the best way to treat customers...
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  3. PolarBearCabal

    PolarBearCabal Tiny Birdy

    I tried reporting it and the person I talked with just insisted it had to be a problem on my end. I should have screen capped the exchange, it was so freaking condescending and snarky.

    It wasn’t too long ago that support was rather cool, and they’d usually give you a reimbursement for a game freeze or crash.

    But yeah, this is a problem. Rovio just has zero interest in fixing it.
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