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Found a home. xP

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Leptoquark, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Leptoquark

    Leptoquark Hatchling

    ok ok, i’m not “cool” per say, more like annoyingly social with a horrible taste in humor... BUUUUUT, LET US LOOK AT MY SELLING POINTS INSTEAD!
    1. i am Leptoquark
    2. oh so modest
    3. you say level 80 MINIMUM? PERFECT! I am level 27, ..2 plus 7 is 9, and i have 0 more numbers to add, so let’s throw a “0” on the end for a big 90! YAY!! I mathed! That’s how it works, right? RECRUIT ME ANYWAYS! Drop those level standards JUST for my bad math!
    4. you use line or discord? no problem, i can do that

    What i am looking for in a clan:
    1. socially active in chats
    2. FUN.
    3. every member plays DAILY and competitively attempts to grow stronger
    4. Let’s me mooch your strength in order to grow as fast as i can
    5. not too easily offended.

    i dont care if you are all level 1 or level 100, just as long as super growth and connection are focus <3 <3 <3


    Love and Fish,
    Magikarp is a Sith Lord,

  2. Leptoquark

    Leptoquark Hatchling

    found a home... but can’t figure out how to delete post. MAUHAHA, oh well.

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