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Forum Shutting Down - 22.06.2019

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by QueenElsa, May 27, 2019.

  1. QueenElsa

    QueenElsa Most Best Staff Member

    Hey, guys!

    Thanks for all you active participation throughout the years, but with an upcoming update required from the forum platform needing things we can't get right now, we've decided to do a final closure of the Angry Birds Evolution forum.

    We hope you had a good time here! Maybe met some new people and made some new friends! We're sorry to see this opportunity to socialize go, but feel free to join our Facebook Flockers group and continue evolving over there! :)

    We'll do the final takedown on the 22nd of June.

    Thanks once again for your passion! See you on the other side ;)

  2. What about the ones who have not Facebook accounts?
  3. Cmbryan79

    Cmbryan79 Tiny Birdy

  4. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    Whose discord server/account is that? Rovio or some players?

    Even that link to the Flockers FB is wrong.
  5. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

  6. annem302

    annem302 Tiny Birdy

    Epic - the discord server was started by Vexim, back in the day. Elsa doesn’t belong to that server- and I don’t think anyone from Rovio is on it. There is also a VIP server that Rovio runs, but it is invitation-only.
  7. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    Rovio is missing from this forum essentially anyway so that doesn't matter that much.

    With the death of this forum and many people reluctance to use Discord. Who knows where people will go....
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  8. annem302

    annem302 Tiny Birdy

    I agree that Angry Birds Nest is an option, and Elsa is a member there. I am not a fan of the FB Flockers page - it is monitored, but it’s lots of whining lately.
  9. viva

    viva Hatchling

    Well this sucks, compared to other options I really liked this forum. Bleh, now to discord and Facebook. Thanks to those always willing to help!


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  10. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    I have been there before and left. This forum looks extreme nice even with certain "toxicity" lately when compares to Flockers.

    I haven't gone into the Discord page yet but I doubt you will run into new players like here.

    As for AngrybirdsNest I have the same username there. That forum is dead in ABE department for sometime, maybe we will see a come back.
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  11. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    Thanks for the forum QueenElsa. It’s been a good 1.5 years of me reading, replying, and moderating this forum but the day has come where this forum will eventually be no more.
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  12. Buds

    Buds Motherflocker

    Well... looks like the Rovio Staff are Thanos'ing this place after neglecting it.
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  13. Firestar

    Firestar Hatchling

    Will you ever do trading and live battles? I want someone to consider it before the forum shuts down. Good Bye ABE Forum .R.I.P.
  14. saeed

    saeed Hatchling

  15. Cmbryan79

    Cmbryan79 Tiny Birdy

  16. Buds

    Buds Motherflocker

    Today's the day!
  17. honeybun

    honeybun Super Cool Bird


    Last chance to get to ABE Forum on discord.
    Download the app, click the link and you're there...

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