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Evolution Patch Notes 2.0.0

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Polen, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Polen

    Polen Administrator Staff Member

    What’s new in Angry Birds Evolution 2.0.0?
    Breathe in and out! Team Manager 2.0 is here and it’s all you ever wanted! Can’t wait for all of you to t- Huh?! Was that fireworks or are you too excited? Nah, probably fireworks. Some pigs have had one too many during Year of the Pig preparations and... What’s that blue bird doing among them? Strange. Some stuff about Valentines Day, Quick Battles on Event Island and more 5-star birds are on the agenda. Put your spectacles on!
    Brand New
    • Team Manager 2.0: You’ve been asking and we’ve been working for it. It’s here! It’s real! It’s all you ever dreamed of!
      • Team Editor: You name it, we put a filter on it. Now you can sort & filter based on ANYTHING, really: stars, bird color, team birds, body type, special tags, being evolve- and level up-ready! Purple event buffs are also shown right on this tab to make your life easier than frying bacon.
      • Bird Inventory: Sell birds the 2019 way! Drag them all in one place and whoosh - all gone! Sounds a bit scary, but you’ll first get a warning screen showing you what you’ll earn. You’ll love it.
      • Level Up: Did someone say multi-select? A brand new “fusion” inventory? Fusing all at once? Level up like there’s no tomorrow!
      • Evolution: Slick! See both of your options on a separate screen, choose and go, evo!
    • Chinese New Year: Oh man, it’s officially the year of the pig! Pigs on the island are all in a celebratory mood & we all know they don’t mix well with explosives!
      • Piggy Nian: A fan of comic books, this pig sewed his own bluebird-hero costume for the celebrations! He’s ready for some menace, including fireworks & explosions. Shoot…
    • Valentines Day Event: Like every year, lovebirds come together on this special day! And there will be a very pink celebration on the island with an awesome crew!
    • Fresh 5-stars: More flock is joining the 5-crew. Some names we’ve confirmed are the xx Doris, the yyy Ron and xx Billie.
    • Quick Event Island: Our birdnicians worked hard... Now, Event Island stages with less Pig Team Power than your buffed Team Power can be quick battled (except for the Nightmare Stages)! Gotta love the tech behind that [​IMG]<3
    Extended & Improved
    • Navigation Bar, Easier on the Eye: We basically made the navigation bar a bit more lean. Timers and some “available fights” notifications were removed, replaced with a more eye-friendly “grey-it-out” approach.
    Fixes and more fixes
    Living on an island is all nice and chill, but it also means lots of bugs you need to smash! Here’s some species of bugs we killed with a firecracker this time:
    • We replenished our outdated FAQ page.
    • Losing a scout PVP battle started PVP league for some users. Strange. But we fixed that!
    • Sometimes it said “Sold Out” when you tried to claim a Free Offer. That’s unacceptable and has been fixed!
    • Our Scouts are exhausted. Some of them have been seen showing wrong colors. Some of them have refused to spawn on the map. We raised their pay a bit. They’re fine now.
    • Sometimes battle screens looked empty. We brought the content back up!
    • Some of y’all got shown “Too many request” error popup too often. We fixed it so you’ll get less of them now.
    • Ok, we get it - some people have slow connections. No need to rub it in our screens during battles tho!
    • The game was sometime too realistic: Killing a tourist pig had a bright flash on the screen. Sorry for the exposure!
    • And the regular winter scraping, cleaning, shoveling and antifreezing, etc...
  2. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    @Polen There is 1 item Rovio need to fix urgently: DO NOT RESET THE FILTER UNTIL I GET OUT OF TEAM MANAGER.

    There are other issues but stop this filter resetting hell first. And we can find ways to get used to the other things. Ability to filter and sell by star count is good but the filter got reset when I exit the sell screen is BAD.

    Also posted on ABE Facebook:
    For those of us in Android we have suffered this poor update for few days already. Simple fast intuitive tasks is now very convoluted. On the main team manager you cannot see bird levels!!!! You have to go to full inventory to see levels. So I filter by color so I can fuse and level up by color, all filters reset as soon as I done level up with 1 bird. Too many clicks on those tiny buttons when u get to anything but red and yellow, I am sure good portion of players are on smart phones.
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  3. nono

    nono Hatchling

    and please let us free to sell totems if needed...not just through the mailbox when the inventory is overfilled. It doesn't make sense, we have so few ways to earn good amounts of gold.
    We need to get some helpful rewards through the game, not only by buying gold or gems or anything. There must be a fair deal on this otherwise most of the players will stop playing...and paying !!
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  4. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    @Polen Please get more Rovio staff to come on the forum more often, the spam bots will eventually evolve to learn to avoid the "spam" tool (2 spammers have already done this) which will prevent me from banning them.
  5. Beaky Hatcher

    Beaky Hatcher Hatchling

    Please make the level up screen a core functionality. You should be able to drag and drop birds to level up into the same screen instead of having it individually by bird. The code change would be simple to allow the user to drag a new bird into the far right part of the screen to start a new upgrade.
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  6. Awaken88

    Awaken88 Hatchling

    Or just let you drag drop onto the other bird directly

    Btw there's lots of lag in the new bird manager...

    Good idea, very poorly implemented and tested.

    I've stopped playing/collecting birds as it's taking way too long to fuse two together just to sell.

    Hopefully you read these comments and act accordingly cause your fb is going nuts with comments too ha
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  7. TNGrandfather

    TNGrandfather Hatchling

    Polen, in some ways, the new update is an improvement — sortation of team by an assortment of filters for example. But in some ways, it is significantly worse — leveling up a lot of birds is a nightmare, some screens order the birds high to low while others are low to high, and you have effectively taken away our ability to sell excess totems. It’s a shame you didn’t beta test it with actual players — or if you did, you should get new advisors! Finally, you report in the update notes that you fixed forced entry into the arena, but you have not. I started play an hour ago and found myself in 50th position 900 points behind the leader. Keep trying! Sort of like the ghost 6th pig you’ve been trying to get rid of for a year but continues to haunt the game. Everything can’t be about profit! You must devote some energy and resources toward game quality and customer satisfaction!
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  8. Phildo

    Phildo Hatchling

    After the update I logged in & thought the new design was great but after I did some Major Pecker's challenges I went to SELL some RAGE totems & couldn't figure it out. So I figured I'd come here & get a fast answer on how to sell totems now but was shocked when I realized WE CAN'T SELL TOTEMS! Thats a HUGE ISSUE IMO & thanks to the posts here I know I'm not the only one that's bringing this issue up. Why would you make all the cosmetic & functionality challenges to Team Manager & at the same time turn around & REMOVE the ability to sell the totems!?!? That was a GREAT alternative to getting extra gold! The 2nd best option IMO other than battling & easier as well to just sell the totems you don't need especially the RAGE totem that we could get 300 gold for! I don't use a lot of XP totems but I use the Prestige & Super Shot totems all the time so I would always sell the Rage & Lvl up totems for extra gold so I could then turn around & use the gold from selling the Rage & XP Totems so I could use it to Level up prestige & Super Shot levels on my birds! CAN WE PLEASE GET THAT OPTION BACK ASAP!?!?
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  9. Phildo

    Phildo Hatchling

    Yeah I immediately said the same thing after I logged in & couldn't figure out to sell totems so I came here & was shocked when I seen I wasn't the only player who couldn't figure it out but even more so when I seen WE CAN'T SELL TOTEMS NOW!
  10. TNGrandfather

    TNGrandfather Hatchling

    I am Level 240 in this game, an elder in my clan, and have finished 1st 30 out of 36 weeks in the arena. My clan and I have tried to coach you toward a more player friendly place ... and you have demonstrated time and time again you don’t care about your customers ... only profits. Sad really. You have a wonderful game concept and you wet the bed with your players in pursuit of more money. We are actively looking for other games to play ... and I am confident that someone else is both creative in their concept and at least somewhat less greedy in their game management. I look forward to saying “Bye Felicia!” Rovio!
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  11. ELLY

    ELLY Super Cool Bird

    It is too uncomfortable.:mad:
    Please turn it back.
    And sell the ticket package again.
  12. nono

    nono Hatchling

    This inventory template must have been created by a rovio's contestant company...or a developper who wants to be fired !!!
    Where can I find in this inventory the totems I got ?? can't find them !!! and I know I won't be able to sell them which is just so scandalous
  13. Dragonbelle001

    Dragonbelle001 Hatchling

    I feel like they don't even look at this feedback...on here or on fb...in theory this was a good idea but very poorly executed...i lost an event bird in my inbox because i was so confused with this new system that i didn't retrieve it in time...asked them for help and was pretty much told screw you and come to the forums...so i am here but it just seems to be another location(Facebook being the other) that they can just ignore us...i love this game but the fact they don't care about their players and the fact that they are unwilling to help us when we need help just frustrates me...i came to the forum like they said...bet they won't even read this...:(
  14. ELLY

    ELLY Super Cool Bird


    Rovio, please let me sell Totems like I used to, I have a hard time because of the lack of gold all the time. The 4000 gem is only 17,000 gold. I do not want to buy gold as a gem anymore. Would you at least let me sell the totems I bought in the package?

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