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Evolution Patch Notes 1.91

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by QueenElsa, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Boom Crashy

    Boom Crashy Hatchling

    I like the ideas you implemented in this patch!

    BUT: You have to know, that the timer of the daily boost for double XP for ALL birds was at "9+ hours left" when the game asked me to make an update
    I'm happy that in USA it's night and nobody cares... But in Europe it's DAY! And just taking away 9 hours isn't really what user expect from a game, they pumped a lot of money in. So I'm now a disappointing customer! You made a nice update, implementing it in a really bad form. That can't work like this!

    So now i got a few dozens of birds for fusion which i planned to use right now – and NOT EVEN A SINGLE WHITE ONE
    What you did (how you did it actually) is really disappointing. Shouldn't I expect that the game uses the rules, which were announced? Where are my "9 hours left" for the double XP of all birds?
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  2. aux80

    aux80 Super Cool Bird

    QueenElsa, I hope you manage to snag yourself a Captain Freedom! Because if you don't, that would be very embarrassing! No cheating!
  3. Shyft4

    Shyft4 Tiny Birdy

    Honestly, as a whole the patch is great, and some of the changes that aren't announced (but should have been!) like making the GUI much smoother and in general making the game feel more fluid and less "jumpy" are huge aesthetic improvements. But the timing really sucks. To make a broad change that so heavily affects gameplay without any sort of warning to the player base is a bizarre choice. If I had updated my app before doing all my fusing last night, I might've just quit the game. I literally had a full inventory of 100 birds and over 200 more in my mailbox because I was preparing for the double XP day.
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  4. QueenElsa

    QueenElsa Most Best Staff Member

    @aux80 I haven't gotten any of the event birds and I'm a-ok with it :' ) Just give me Billy i just want billY.
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  5. WillsCarebear

    WillsCarebear Hatchling

    So is this not happening anymore?? I miss extra gold day and double key day!

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  6. Anderson

    Anderson Hatchling

    Double gold and key day has changed to double blue and black day o_O
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  7. HeroBird

    HeroBird Super Cool Bird

  8. Nei Cruz

    Nei Cruz Hatchling

    The XP color days has changed.

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