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Evolution Patch Notes 1.25

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Polen, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Polen

    Polen Administrator Staff Member


    What’s new in Angry Birds Evolution 1.25?

    What are you thankful for this year? If you can’t think of anything, try “not being kidnapped by one of those crazy turkeys on Thanksgiving”. They’re coming. To ruin your special day and possibly steal some of your mashed potatoes. Just pardon them and move on! You’ll also be very thankful for all the fixes we’ve been workin’ on and the essenceful Daily Challenge. Read on, for even more things to be thankful for...

    Brand New
    • Thanksgiving Event: A new type of “mad” will arrive in town.

    • Hot Grease: Ever fallen in love by your kidnapper? This white chick did, HAHAHAHA!! She hates superheroes and carries knives in her purse. What a hot, greasy mess!

    • Cold Turkey: Served some time, made some deals and then, he, of course, found his way out again. Right on time for Thanksgiving. White is the new orange and cold is the new hot!!

    • Stars of 2018: Best flockers from 2018 are going on a #Throwback tour.

    • Fringy

    • Star Quarterback

    • Lil Pecker

    • Guess who comes back as Master?

    • New Daily Challenge Stages: Say hi to 3 stages per challenge now and a ton more essence! Did we mention ESSENCE? Oh yeah, we did..

    • Multi-sell in Inbox: Sell like a professional!

    • Now when you want to “Sell All” inside the Mailbox, you’ll get a popup where you can select the Flocker- and Rune types you wanna get rid of! There’s even a checkbox for each rarity.

    • At the bottom, you’ll get to also see how much money you’ll end up making in advance, along with your overfills (stuff you won’t be getting because of the overfill). Profesh!

    • Totem Caps: We doubled the totem cap. The cap is now 100 for Anger totems and 60 for the other ones.

    • TNT Boxes got smarter: The explosives just become woke af!! Now they don’t damage the birds - only creatures with pig DNA. Don’t you just love technology?

    • Icons on Runes: We added icons to the runes to show you what happens when you put them on. ( for attack, ❤ for health, for crit. chance, + for crit. damage)
    Fixes and more fixes

    Living on an island is all nice and chill, but it also means lots of bugs you need to smash! Here are some species of bugs we killed with a handkerchief this time:

    • Combat freezes: Ouch! This was a bad one! Freezes in battles caused by some of the skills have now been fixed.

    • Daily Tasks: Scouts used to start Event Island's Battle used to not count towards the daily tasks, now they do.

    • Daily Tasks: Playing Major Pecker Daily Challenge was not reflected in Daily Tasks, now it is!

    • Daily Tasks: For some, that limitation warning did not pop up! So some of their rewards got lost after they claimed it. We fixed this error, so that everyone gets their fair warning!

    • Arena: Arena kicked some people out into the World map but still burned those tickets you had! That’s not how it works… We talked to the Major Pecker, he talked to some people and now it’s fixed for good!

    • Arena: Because Major Pecker was trying to fix Arena problems, tapping "Start" button in Arena started Major Pecker Daily Challenge… Hey! This is the Arena! Go do your training somewhere else Mr. Pecker!

    • Events: Sometimes you saw "Missing currency" message although you had some more Energy to play the battles. That’s shocking, we fixed that as well...

    • Events: You claim your Energy reward, but then you realize that it’s not added to the total amount you have, if you’ve reached the cap! Catastrophe! Scandal! Unbelievable!! (we fixed it)

    • Event Battle: Dr. Probotnik's Mind Control Super Shot used to not work on pigs for a second time. Hmm.. Are pigs getting smarter? Nah, don’t think so. Cos now it works fine.

    • Runes: Who doesn’t love confirmations when replacing important items? No one! So we added a confirmation popup for you when replacing a rune. Please confirm. Did you confirm? Confirm if you did!
    • Notifications: We fixed ‘em so you’ll be on top of your Energy levels and go right into the battle when its full again!

    • Daily Challenge: The auto-battle speed got all messed up after the 2nd wave. Why? Not sure. Did we fix it? Yes!

    • Daily Challenge: Apparently Snouts took too long to update in the Clan section. Closing and reopening the DC window resolves the issue.

    • Battles: It’s not cool to say this, but Byron was NOT picking up power-ups from the ground. His health coach told him that he needed more exercise. Problem solved!
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  2. Buds

    Buds Motherflocker

    Any idea on who comes back as a Master bird for the "Throwback event"?

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