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Evolution Patch Notes 1.24

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Polen, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Polen

    Polen Administrator Staff Member

    What’s new in Angry Birds Evolution 1.24?
    One night, Mighty Eagle woke up to strange sounds and saw colorful lights coming from upstairs in his mountain. When he walked up to the glimmering eagle carving which had appeared on the wall, it spoke and told him to embrace the power of the Ancient Runes and unleash the rage of his ancestors. That’s how he found out the use of the runes and taught it to his apprentice birds. Little did the birds know, that from then on, they would be stronger than ever… More and more Master Birds would also arrive to the island, hearing of this magical legend. Can you guess who is returning home from fires of hell with a friend? Read what secrets runes behold, how your skill levels are reflected to your Bird Power and more…
    Brand New
    • Halloween Event: “Coming home when I see the runway lights / In the misty dawn the night is fading fast / Coming home, far away as their vapor trails align / Where I've been tonight, you know I will not stay”
      • Eddie: Eddie’s home but something’s strange.. It seems that his evolutions are different this year ‘round.
      • Beast: Eddie brought a new friend from the depths of the hell. Six six six the number of the Beast. Six six six the one for you and me...
    • Runes: Ancient runes are here to bring the rage of olden birdcestors to your modern-day bird! Equip them on your birds, if you want to boost their
      • Damage
      • Health
      • Critical Hit Damage
      • Critical Hit Chance
        • Rune Types: Depending on how ancient they are, these runes can differ in power. They can be
      • Common
      • Rare
      • Epic
        • Mighty’s Quick Manual for using Runes:
      • Runes are obtained from Rune Chests.
      • You can view and assign your runes in Bird Info screen.
      • Each rune can be assigned to one bird at a time.
      • Runes can be removed from the bird but it hurts their feather (and their feelings), so better choose wisely when you put them on. Feather repair and therapy are expensive things.
      • A rune can be replaced with another rune but then the old rune will be gone.
        • Rune Chests:
      • Where to find them: Follow Mighty Eagle to see the Chests
        • Common Chest: You can have one every 24 hours for free.
        • Bronze Chest: You can open one with Gems.
        • Silver Chest: You can open one with Silver Keys and Gems.
        • Gold Chest: Best rune chest guarantees you one Epic Rune. It can be opened with Golden Keys and Gems.
    • Bird Power Up: Skill level of the birds is reflected in the Bird Power now, be prepared to see an increase if your birds have high skill levels after the update!
    • New Pirate Events: We’re shipping you one of the most wanted events of the island. The question is: Will ya be fightin’ ever stronger pigs to get yerself some of dem Rune Chest Keys?
    Fixes and more fixes
    Living on an island is all nice and chill, but it also means lots of bugs you need to smash! Here’s some species of bugs we killed with a salt shooter this time:
    • Fringy had gone a bit mental lately, finally she got herself together (with the help of a lot of black magic).
    • Critical damage on the Event Island was increasing exponentially and unintentionally - this has been fixed.
    • Quick Battle in Dungeons are fixed and will not break the game, not anymore. No sir.
    • Daily Challenge tab appeared empty for some players. Now it’s as full as it may ever be.
  2. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    Decent changes and all but please bring back the old gem rewards. The events are extremely boring and tedious for their weak rewards.
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  3. Cowboysfan

    Cowboysfan Tiny Birdy

    At the worst time when Apple takes advantage of poor users.
  4. photiosbg

    photiosbg Hatchling

    What have for apple users?
  5. Ozshwehtoo

    Ozshwehtoo Hatchling

    Where can I find the detail documentation on how runes work. (the note above is not enough explanation about runes)
  6. Missblitch

    Missblitch Hatchling

    Please bring back the old way to get tickets for arena matches this getting a ticket every hour is shit. I cant even get any spares in hatches. So now i have birds waiting to be leveled cause i need potions but cant get enough keys. Bring back to being every 8 mintues. Thats was awesome
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  7. HussiBoiiii

    HussiBoiiii Hatchling

    Dude, whats up with the rune chances?

    Free & Bronze rune chest you have:
    3/4, 1/6 and 1/100. What happens in 11/150 of cases?

    For Silver rune chest you have:
    1/2, 1/3 and 1/50. What up with 11/75?

    For gold you have not defined 3/20.

    Can't you count?
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