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Evolution Patch Notes 1.22

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Polen, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Tigerangels42038

    Tigerangels42038 Motherflocker

    Ok, Firstly (as you put it).. he was talking about his own rewards in pvp, his pvp gem rewards hasnt changed because he was always in the top 5 before the change and since the changes have only effected the rewards outside of the top 5, his remain untouched.

    Secondly.. he never said the changes to MPDC made up for the gold reduction, in fact if you had read his previous posts you would know he has previously stated that it does not make up for it. All he said about MPDC in that post was that he disagreed with RNG wanting the quick battle taken out and that MPDC hasnt been much of a challenge amd always needed 2 runs so cost 100 gems each day for personal rewards.. nothing about it making up for the lack of gold anywhere in that post.

    Thirdly.. he didnt say he got 2 gold tickets, he said he got 2k+ gold. As in 2000+ IN gold.

    Finally.. we all know about Rovios greed, but that doesnt mean its ok for you to agressively post to a forum member whose original post you misread. Even if he was siding with Rovio (which again he wasnt) theres still no need for that kind of targetted post.
  2. Gildan

    Gildan Super Cool Bird

    I'm the last person who would come to Rovio's defense, they make a lot of inexplicable decisions and are pretty bad communicators in general, but I don't tend to get especially mad about that stuff so I'm more inclined to bring up counter examples or invite people to take a step back from their anecdotal grievances and consider the larger picture. You will never see me defending their pricing structure (offering a special deal for a 'mere' 99.99 when you hatch or evolve a 5-star bird is beyond ridiculous, for instance), but stuff like the PvP bracket change doesn't induce the vitriolic response, and not just because it doesn't personally impact me in any way (although it doesn't) - it wasn't all that long ago that we had 15 player leagues and the gem reward for placing 1st was comparable to the one people were recently getting for finishing 50th. Yeah, it sucks when they cut back on stuff like that, but you'd been getting the vastly improved version for a while; the current payout is still better than the old one.

    MPDC likewise was entirely disabled for a very long time, so simply having it at all is an improvement regardless of what form it takes. Eagle Mountain has long since stopped being a viable source for gems, but they've realized that they won't be able to monetize it effectively if the rewards are underwhelming so when it does pay out it pays out BIG. The bonus chests for leveling up were almost insulting in their utter mediocrity (wow, 2 whole gems, what bounteous riches), now you can just get golden tickets that way. Event rewards compared to when I started playing are so much better these days it's not even funny, even if the individual silver ticket rewards from that particular channel have gone down (complaining about that is valid but also overlooks the difference in how events work now and that there's no competition for or reduction in the spawn rate of scout results that could generate a premium ticket, and that events give you STACKS of berries for just that reason).

    The point is that the forums tend to devolve into an echo chamber of complaining and hyperbole - there are lots and lots of completely valid things to complain about (the fact that this update made the game massively unstable on Android devices for one, though the most recent update seems to have resolved that), and I'm not even saying the things people have been complaining about in this thread aren't justified (I would contend that they are), I just want them to take a step back and consider mitigating elements (like maybe the bottom of the leaderboard in PvP's gem reward went down because they've more than quadrupled the gems you get from events now).
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