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Evolution Patch Notes 1.12

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MinasMorGhoul, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. MinasMorGhoul

    MinasMorGhoul Tiny Birdy Staff Member

    It’s gonna be the most metal Halloween ever! The flock has teamed up with Iron Maiden bringing you the band’s iconic mascot Eddie as playable Character Eddie the Bird in A Tribute to Iron Maiden. Crank up your Evolution team and discover the terrifically twisted Halloween Bird Island and several spooktacular improvements and fixes.
    Brand New
    • Halloween Event:
      • 3 new birds featuring 5 Star Eddie the Bird from Iron Maiden and 2 more well known birds in brand new exckusive heavy metal outfits: Byron, a 5 Star Black bird and Annie, who even changed her color to be a blue bird
      • Bird Town and the island have turned into a hair-raising Halloween themed heavy metal oasis
      • 3 nefarious new pigs - do you hear the call of Phigthulhu?
      • New event artworks and loading screens as well as the scary Eddie app icon
      • New monstrous music and spine-chilling sound effects for Halloween
    • New Events & How to get new birds: Events have become more evolutionary and rewarding than ever.
      • Earn tons of event rewards for your individual and your clan’s progress.
        • Earn event points and collect personal rewards immediately during the event
        • Collaborate closer than ever with your clan members and unlock clan rewards immediately during the event
      • For the oblivious birds: after the event ended, unclaimed rewards will now be sent to your inbox
      • Events are now offering more special birds. Hatch the first event bird to unlock the others, collect time-limited 5 Star flockers
    Better Now
    • Chat improvements:
      • Clan chat is displaying members who are online
      • Next clan reward and progress bar is displayed during the event
      • Next clan reward and progress bar is displayed for the Daily Challenges
    • You can check out Booster Events with full week ahead to see which Color XP, increased Gold and increased Dungeon Key days are coming up. We added a weekly schedule.
    • Team Manager has two new options to find your birds easier:
      • Sort by color
      • Sort by star rarity and power
    • Friends lists’ capacities have been increased to 50
    Fixes and more fixes
    The sneaky scoundrel piggies again placed some nasty bugs on Bird Island so we had to deal with them diligently to crash them again, here’s the highlight of many fixes included:
    • Battle fixes: defeated pigs out: they’re not remaining on the battle screen anymore
    • Clans fixes:
      • People who joined the clan are added right away, the previous delay is gone
      • The Smartbomb crate has the right icon in battles
    • Daily Challenge fixes:
      • Screen stays responsive when the battle is finished
      • Ninja Pigs learned to do the ninja-thing they are designed for
      • Massive Moron's skill is now working (watch out, he got smarter)
      • Special characters in user and clan names are displayed correctly
      • Everything in order on the clan leaderboards, now sorted correctly
    • Eagle Mountain fixes:
      • The infinite loading issue when internet connection is lost and retrieved is solved
      • Pigs are no longer appearing multiple times on the same floor
    • Keep your Super Shot progress when you evolve a bird
    • The display of Silver and Golden tickets in the Hatchery is now correct
    • In the Daily Tasks multiple clan donations are counted like they should
    • Bad, bad notifications don’t switch themselves off anymore
    • The game doesn’t freezes anymore when evolution material limit is reached
    • The recommended friends list is now showing correct XP values
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  2. Martin Smith

    Martin Smith Hatchling

    Don't suppose this addresses the fact that the game is monotonously boring when you don't cough up any cash? I'm sure you will be able to see at the press of a few keys exactly how much of my life I have wasted hoping for a decent reward for my efforts. After all, I do endure the ads which must already make Rovio sh*toads of cash. The leagues are hopelessly weighted in favour of people stupid enough to part with cash. The fairest way to match-up players is to use XP. But no, you use the one that generates most cash. I pity the poor parents having to part with cash to kids to satisfy corporate greed. Shame on you Rovio.
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  3. dragoneer

    dragoneer Tiny Birdy

    Yeah. I can't see how we're supposed to get this new event bird with the changes to the system WITHOUT paying a ton of money.
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  4. Martin Smith

    Martin Smith Hatchling

    Hello pal, I suppose we just have to accept it for what it is and resist paying money. Rovio are making it an easy decision for me to ditch the game though.
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  5. dragoneer

    dragoneer Tiny Birdy

    I'm hoping things improve. I don't mind supporting developers (they need to make money) but the freemium model is a killer. All the $99 price packs which BARELY help you is insane. I want to support the company as they put a lot of great work into the game but I feel like they don't even know what they want their business model for ABE to be.
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  6. May I know the colour of the bird-Eddie the bird??
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  7. xplodn1

    xplodn1 Tiny Birdy

  8. Dunkleys

    Dunkleys Tiny Birdy

    Eddie will be black.
  9. SquawkTron

    SquawkTron Motherflocker

  10. TimothyB

    TimothyB Tiny Birdy

    Daily Challenge is still impossible to get enough snouts for the last two rewards. One turn that ends at the start of wave 8 Is not enough. How can they think we would spend 100 gems daily just for the last 75 or so snouts?

    Clan rewards, even with 25 members, we would all have to spend a combined 3900 gems just to reach the final challenge rewards for that.

    If they let us go to wave 20 again, even if 1 turn, that would fix this.

    Gem store acting crazy right now.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
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  11. Buds

    Buds Motherflocker

    Everybody complains about Daily Challenge's change. Boycott spending.
    What does Rovio do?
    Keep Daily Challenge's change.
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  12. Kiteflyer

    Kiteflyer Super Cool Bird

    And clan chat still doesn’t work on mobile broadband or direct wifi. Does on pppoe connections. Only way I can talk to my clan is to use my windows 10 ultra book with Amiduos emulator in android
  13. Erino

    Erino Hatchling

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know the daily challenge battles with another player are freezing up after the battle. Just happened to me twice so figured I'd let you know. Thanks!
  14. Yoshi

    Yoshi Hatchling

    I get an error when launching after updating saying the game needs to access the files to run where it boots me to support forums to tell you how to enable permissions. Only problem is... all access are done.... has anyone else had this issue? Already tried unimstalling and reinstalling.

    Galaxy S5Mini please help me
  15. Kiteflyer

    Kiteflyer Super Cool Bird

    Might be because it’s an s5. I run it occasionally on either my s6 edge plus or 8. The android version current is different on an older galaxy
  16. Yoshi

    Yoshi Hatchling

    But the oder Version of ABE was running without problems. I don't under stand it...

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